What is fuzzy soft set?

What is fuzzy soft set?

Let A ⊂ E . A pair is called a fuzzy soft set over , where is a mapping given by F : A → I U . Example 2.3. As an illustration, consider the following example. Suppose a fuzzy soft set describes attractiveness of the shirts with respect to the given parameters, which the authors are going to wear.

What do you mean by fuzzy set?

In mathematics, fuzzy sets (a.k.a. uncertain sets) are somewhat like sets whose elements have degrees of membership. In classical set theory, the membership of elements in a set is assessed in binary terms according to a bivalent condition — an element either belongs or does not belong to the set.

Who introduced fuzzy soft set?

Molodtsov [7] initiated a novel concept of soft theory as a new mathematical tool for dealing with uncertainties which is free from the above limitations. The soft set introduced by Molodtsov [7], Pawlak [10], etc. is a set associated with a set of parameters and has been applied in several directions.

What are the types of fuzzy logic sets?

Interval type-2 fuzzy sets

  • Fuzzy set operations: union, intersection and complement.
  • Centroid (a very widely used operation by practitioners of such sets, and also an important uncertainty measure for them)
  • Other uncertainty measures [fuzziness, cardinality, variance and skewness and uncertainty bounds.
  • Similarity.

What is soft set theory?

Soft set theory is a generalization of fuzzy set theory, that was proposed by Molodtsov in 1999 to deal with uncertainty in a parametric manner. A soft set is a parameterised family of sets – intuitively, this is “soft” because the boundary of the set depends on the parameters.

What is Defuzzification with example?

Defuzzification is the process of obtaining a single number from the output of the aggregated fuzzy set. It is used to transfer fuzzy inference results into a crisp output. In other words, defuzzification is realized by a decision-making algorithm that selects the best crisp value based on a fuzzy set.

What is a normal fuzzy set?

A fuzzy set defined on a universe of discourse holds total ordering, which has a height (maximal membership value) equal to one (i.e. normal fuzzy set), and having membership grade of any elements between two arbitrary elements grater than, or equal to the smaller membership grade of the two arbitrary boundary elements …

Why do we need soft set theory?

Soft set theory is a generalization of fuzzy set theory, that was proposed by Molodtsov in 1999 to deal with uncertainty in a parametric manner. Soft sets have also been applied to the problem of medical diagnosis for use in medical expert systems. Fuzzy soft sets have also been introduced.

What does soft set mean for pudding?

Pudding mixes are combined with milk resulting in a soft, creamy custard-like texture. Instant pudding mixes take only a few minutes to mix up, and then they are ready to eat, once set. Regular puddings are cooked and take longer to set.

What is crisp set example?

Crisp sets are the sets that we have used most of our life. In a crisp set, an element is either a member of the set or not. For example, a jelly bean belongs in the class of food known as candy. Mashed potatoes do not. This membership value can range from 0 (not an element of the set) to 1 (a member of the set).

What is the best Defuzzification method?

center of area method
The most commonly used defuzzification method is the center of area method (COA), also commonly referred to as the centroid method. This method determines the center of area of fuzzy set and returns the corresponding crisp value.

Which is the definition of a fuzzy soft set?

Maji et al. defined a fuzzy soft set in the following manner. Definition 1 (see [ 6 ]). A pair is called a fuzzy soft set over where is a mapping from Definition 2. Let be a universe and a set of attributes. Then the pair denotes the collection of all fuzzy soft sets on with attributes from and is called a fuzzy soft class.

Which is an example of a fuzzy soft Union?

Many researchers have contributed towards the fuzzification of the notion of soft set, for example, [ 6 – 8 ]. In this paper, we present some more properties of fuzzy soft union and fuzzy soft intersection as defined by Maji et al. [ 6 ], and support them by examples and counterexamples.

How are hesitant fuzzy soft sets used in decision making?

The basic properties such as DeMorgan’s laws and the relevant laws of hesitant fuzzy soft sets are proved. Finally, with the help of level soft set, the hesitant fuzzy soft sets are applied to a decision making problem and the effectiveness is proved by a numerical example.

How is soft set theory used in game theory?

Moreover, in order to overcome these difficulties, Molodtsov [ 1] firstly proposed a new mathematical tool named soft set theory to deal with uncertainty and imprecision. This theory has been demonstrated to be a useful tool in many applications such as decision making, measurement theory, and game theory.