What is the highest score in a FIFA game?

What is the highest score in a FIFA game?

Australia set a world record for the largest victory in an international football match, winning the game 31–0. Australia’s Archie Thompson also broke the record for most goals scored by a player in an international match by scoring 13 goals.

How do you win a game on FIFA 14?

FIFA 14 Winning Tips

  1. Your Best Starting 11. You need to have your best and high-ranked available players on the field.
  2. Dynamic Style. Play dynamically.
  3. Dribbling, Passing and Sprinting.
  4. Improve Your Defending Skills.
  5. Learn from Professionals.
  6. Know the Basics.

Does FIFA 14 have career mode?

The Transfer section of Career Mode houses all the latest news and rumors, including info on recent deals and moves. Eligible players can now be signed on a pre-contract agreement in FIFA 14.

Who scored 23 goals in one match?

Brazilian legend and 2002 World Cup winner Ronaldinho once scored all the goals in his side’s 23-0 victory in a local youth match. Ronaldinho was aged 13 and was in fifth grade when he achieved the feat which helped him catch the attention of the media.

Is FIFA 14 good?

Even with the one control issue, FIFA 14 is another fantastic game in the franchise with enough new features (and already great gameplay) to make it worth your money.

How long does FIFA 14 career mode last?

It’s 15 years. But take into account this is a game based entirely on the idea of you actually playing all the fixtures. It is not a management sim like Football Manager.

Who are the top 10 players in FIFA 14?

1 Lionel Messi 94 2 Cristiano Ronaldo 92 3 Franck Ribéry 90 4 Falcao 90 5 Andres Iniesta 89 6 Robin van Persie 89 7 Xavi 89 8 Zlatan Ibrahimović 89 9 Arjen Robben 88 10 Bastian Schweinsteiger 88

What’s the best way to score in FIFA 14?

Corners, and heading in general, seems strong in FIFA 14, so if you have players with strong Heading and Jumping stats then try and feed the ball to them in the air. Corners are definitely good opportunities to score though, so try and make the most of them.

When does FIFA 14 Ultimate Team pack come out?

FIFA 14 releases at the end of September. Pre-Order today to get access to 24 Ultimate Team packs for FIFA Ultimate Team and other cool in-game content (where applicable). Stay in the conversation on all things FIFA 14, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter .

When does the FIFA 14 demo come out?

The FIFA 14 demo launches on Sept 10, featuring Real Ball Physics, Precision Movement and Teammate Intelligence. Can’t wait that long? See where your favorite player ranks amongst world’s best and start planning your dream FUT 14 squad.