What is the latest firmware for WD TV Live?

What is the latest firmware for WD TV Live?

The latest firmware, as of today is the ‘1.05. 04_V-WDLXTV-Live-0.5. 1.1’ version. Those who have another version of the WDTV live can also try out this workshop, but will have to find the right firmware from the forum website and check if it is compatible with your model type.

Is WD TV Live discontinued?

The device had support for most common video and audio formats. The WD TV was discontinued as of August 2016.

How do I update my WD TV Live firmware?

Just connect your WD TV Live Plus to an Internet connection and the WD TV Live Plus will automatically check and notify you a new firmware is available for update at the Home menu. Confirm the action and your WD TV Live Plus will be automatically updated.

Why was WDTV discontinued?

The WDTV is no longer a viable option for popular streaming services and its capabilities for streaming your own media are very limited. The latest models are mostly the same older hardware with no speed or memory improvements and have no support for Netflix or Amazon Prime.

What is WD TV Live streaming media player?

The WD TV Live HD Media Player from Western Digital is a digital media player for TVs or HDTVs. It can be used to play back video, audio, and pictures over your home network or from any USB hard drive or storage device.

How do I connect my WD TV to my wireless network?


  1. Go to “Setup” on your WDTV.
  2. Go to “Network Settings”.
  3. Select “Network Setup”.
  4. Select either “Wired” or “Wireless” connection.
  5. (Applicable for “Wireless”) Select “Previously connected wireless network” if you are currently connected to a network.

How does WD TV Live work?

The WD TV Live is a small unit that can decode pretty much any type of video and audio file you throw at it. Once this update was applied, files streamed from computers on the wireless network without any problems at all.


With WD TV Live, you can enjoy it all on your HDTV. The WD TV Live media player connects to your high-speed Internet connection wirelessly, no PC required. Or use the Ethernet port to connect to your wired home network.

What does Wdtv stand for?


Acronym Definition
WDTV Walt Disney Television

Is WD TV any good?

The good The WD TV plays back pretty much any file format you can throw at it, including MKV, AVI, and MP4 video. Huge HD video files played smoothly without any hiccups. Its native app selection includes 80 choices, such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, Spotify, and Pandora.

When did the WD TV DVD player come out?

Released in Fall 2009, it was a Media Player with DVD quality, upscales to 1080i, Plays back RealVideo and many other popular file formats with no need for transcoding, but lacks the ability to play H.264 encoded video. It is the only WD TV device without HDMI, providing only analog video output. Released in Fall 2009 with Full HD 1080p resolution.

When did the WD TV Live hub come out?

WD TV Live Hub Released in fall 2010, this is a WD TV Live device with an internal 1 TB storage disk. It uses the same Sigma Designs SMP8654 found in the WD TV Live Plus with four 64 MB Nanya NT5TU64M16GG DDR2 667/800 MHz modules (256 MB total), and a 2 GB Samsung K9F2G080UB flash chip. WD TV Live Streaming (WD TV Live 3rd Gen)

When was the Western Digital WD TV discontinued?

The WD TV was discontinued as of August 2016. In November 2008 Western Digital introduced the WD TV. with full HD 1080p multimedia player with DTS pass-through only. The hardware starts with a 300 MHz TangoX MIPS 4KEc from Sigma Designs, which has 100 MB of memory. Updated device with 2-channel DTS support.

What kind of processor does WD TV have?

The WD TV Live has WiFi and a Sigma Designs SMP8670AD 700 MHz processor with 512MB of DDR2 memory from Nanya. It is also known as WD TV Live Gen 3 (NTSC model number WDBHG70000NBK, PAL model number WDBGXT0000NBK).