Who is the singer with the name Nyusha?

Who is the singer with the name Nyusha?

Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina (Russian: Анна Владимировна Шурочкина; born 15 August 1990), better known by her stage name Nyusha (Russian: Ню́ша) is a Russian singer and songwriter.

Who is the father of Nyusha Shurochkina?

However, the father and his daughter still spent a lot of time together. Nyusha’s sister, Maria Shurochkina, was twice European Junior Champion in Synchronised swimming and her brother, Ivan Shurochkin, does Martial Arts Stunts.

How old was Nyusha when she started Grizli?

Nyusha first came to the studio at age 5, with her Песенка большой медведицы (Pesenka Bolshoy Medveditsy) or in English Song of the Great Bear . At age 11 she began performing on stage as the group Grizli. The group toured in Russia and Germany. At age 17 she changed her name from Anna to Nyusha.

When did Nyusha release her first single in Russia?

In 2011, she released three new singles: Больно (It Hurts) and Выше (Higher). These are the fourth and fifth singles from her debut album, Выбирать чудо. Both singles were number 1 in Russia, scoring her third and fourth number one singles respectively.

How tall is Nyusha and how much does she weigh?

This performer is not very tall – her height is 5 feet 1 inch, which translates to 1 m 58 cm. She is also said to weigh approximately 54 kg. Is Nyusha married?

Who are the parents of Nyusha Shurochkina?

The full Nyusha name is Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina. She was born on August 15, 1990, to her parents Vladimir and Irina. She also has a stepsister Mariya, who is a skilled swimmer, and a younger brother Ivan, who does martial arts. Nyusha ethnicity is Russian. Nyusha family is not new to show business.

What kind of family does Anna Nyusha come from?

Nyusha ethnicity is Russian. Nyusha family is not new to show business. Both her parents were musicians: her father performed with the popular group “Laskovyy may”, and her mother was a part of a rock band. This inspired little Anna to start singing, and she took vocal lessons from a young age.