Are Secretlab chairs worth the money?

Are Secretlab chairs worth the money?

So is Secretlab worth it? Secretlab Chairs are worth it because they offer high-quality ergonomic gaming chairs designed to keep you comfortable, prevent back pain, built to last for many years to come. Not to mention, their chairs come in many designs, making these chairs a great addition to your gaming setup.

Is Secretlab a legit company?

They’re consistently functional, just not really varied. SecretLab impressed us last year with chairs that distinctly feel higher quality in build and materials, and its Titan chair earned our Editors’ Choice for its supple, sturdy synthetic leather and dense, generous padding.

Is Secretlab worth it 2020?

Bottom Line. The Secretlab Omega 2020 gaming chair offers almost every kind of adjustment you could want, including incredibly adjustable armrests. Overall, the chair isn’t extremely stiff, but it is firm. But the Secretlab Omega 2020 offers a great balance between those two feelings.

How much do Secretlab chairs cost?

Not all chairs are created equal But for its S$349 price, we couldn’t really complain.

Why is Secretlab so popular?

Since Secretlab chairs are known worldwide as among the most comfortable for gamers, it have become popular options for workers to use in home offices as well. As people spend much more time in their chairs, they are starting to realise the importance of proper sitting posture and support.

Is Secretlab good for back?

Your Secretlab chair is packed with proper lumbar support to support that natural inward curve of your lower spine. After all, proper lower back support takes the stress off the muscles surrounding the spine that help keep its natural curve.

Which Secretlab chair is best?

If you are confident with your weight and want the best chair that is capable enough to hold you during your long hours of gaming, then we recommend you to go for the most popular model – the SecretLab Titan gaming chair.

Are gaming chairs bad for you?

The short answer is “yes“, gaming chairs are in fact good for your back, especially relative to cheaper office or task chairs. Common design choices in gaming chairs such as a high backrest and neck pillow are all conducive to providing maximum support for your back while encouraging good posture.

Are gaming chair really worth it?

Should you Really Buy a Gaming Chair? Gaming chairs are definitely worth the investment for people who spend long hours sitting Infront of a computer screen. A gaming chair is designed to address poor sitting habits and teach you how to sit with correct posture.

Who owns Secretlab?

Ian Ang

Type Private limited company
Revenue S$350 million
Owner Ian Ang (70%) Alaric Choo (25%) Heliconia Capital Management
Number of employees 200+ (2021)

What is the phone number for Secretlab SG?

If you require further assistance, you can call us at +65 6341 5032. Flat packed and self-assembled. Save more today. At Secretlab, we believe in delivering the best value to our customers.

Where can I buy a Secretlab gaming chair?

Secretlab commences operations in Malaysia, our first foray overseas. The first gaming chair to utilize genuine top-grain leather, it was topped off with deep blue logo stitching and a stealthy exterior that exuded class like few others on the market. The gold-on-black OMEGA Stealth goes on sale in Australia.

When does the new Secretlab series come out?

Secretlab chairs support players at the biggest League of Legends events, including the LCS, Mid-Season Invitational, the All-Star Event, and the LoL World Championship. After three years of exacting R&D work, the 2020 Series is released.

Do you have to pay for Secretlab delivery?

* Subject to availability, and orders need to be placed before cut off timing. Secretlab is not liable for unforeseen delays in the delivery. Additional charges apply for same-day and Sunday deliveries.