Does swtor have a group Finder?

Does swtor have a group Finder?

In Game Update 1.3: Allies, players will notice that there is a new button attached to their minimap, for our Group Finder. Usable by any character who is at least level 10, the Group Finder should be very helpful for players who like to group up and adventure with others.

How do I find my groups in swtor?

On your minimap, in the top-left corner, there is a little icon that has “3 little people” on it. When you click on this icon, the Group Finder (GF) interface will open. The GF interface will list all the Flashpoints that are in your level range.

How do I leave a group finder in swtor?

You can either right click your portrait and go to group>quit group or type /leave in the chat.

How do I change my group role in swtor?

As a workaround you can try opening the Group finder right after queuing (if the queue does not open instantly), toggle the role selection and then hit update roles. This should then queue you correctly with a correct role.

Where is the Black Talon Flashpoint location?

It’s on the fleet. When you head out to the shuttle to dromund kaas, theres a quest guy who will give you the flashpoint mission, the flashpoint entrance is just past him.

How do you join a flashpoint?

For groups, you have 2 ways of entering a flashpoint. You can either run in (walk into the phase entrance) or zone in via group finder. To ‘run’ in you need the quest and to be at the phase location.

How do you create a group in swtor?

Just click the GF button on your minimap, choose which “level” of Flashpoint you want to do (Story, Veteran, or Master), make sure you have the appropriate role checked, and then click “join queue”, and GF will make a group for you.

Can you switch specs in SWTOR?

There is a legacy perk you can purchase for 200k credits called field respecialization. This allows you to change your spec at will outside of combat or warzones. Once you purchase this perk, simply open your specialization window and hit the abandon button to reset it.

Does Hammer station have story mode?

Hammer Station is one of several Flashpoints which lacks a Solo / Story Mode – it along with Athiss, Mandalorian Raiders, Cademimu, Colicoid War Games, Red Reaper, Kaon Under Siege, Lost Island, Czerka Corporate Labs, and Czerka Core Meltdown only have a Veteran Mode as their lowest difficulty option.

Where do I start the Hammer Station Flashpoint?

When you’re at the Imperial Fleet station, instead of heading to the north exit “Dromund Kaas Departures”, instead head out the west exit titled something like “Mission Terminals”, which has 6 flash points all grouped together. Hammer Station should be in the lower grouping on the left.

Are there guilds for SWTOR fans in real life?

Social/Light RP/PvE guild of professional, post-college RPG fans. Established in 2014, Dark Rulers of the Bedroom is a now legendary RP/ERP guild. High Yield Conquest every week, SM OPS every weekend, good vibes all the time. Erst CF, dann Vanjervalis Chain, jetzt Tulak Hord. Nach 5 Jahren Pause wieder da 🙂 RLACF – Real Life ALWAYS Comes First.

How many members does Darth Malgus have in SWTOR?

We welcome all Classes. Server: Darth Malgus Last updated June 13, 2021 MST / /Most active time 9AM – 4AM. We are frequently active during the weekends. 60+ Members, 15 during prime time

How old do you have to be to join a SWTOR Guild?

Mature Guild of SWTOR Players who are over 40 years of age. A friendly and diverse community guild, looking for like-minded players. 🙂 The family you choose, not the one your parents stuck you with. Conquest, ops, and friendship! Social/Light RP/PvE guild of professional, post-college RPG fans.

Which is the longest running Imperial Guild in SWTOR?

The family you choose, not the one your parents stuck you with. The longest running Imperial Guild in SW:TOR. Military Theme. Family Approach. Non-RP casual guild, mostly older players. Ops 3 nights a week 7pm Eastern. We are dedicated to all aspects of gameplay, with a full schedule of optional activities.