How do I get from Geneva to Chamonix?

How do I get from Geneva to Chamonix?

Shuttle bus services from Geneva Airport offer the most appropriate way of getting to Chamonix and other ski areas in terms of time and efficiency. The journey between Geneva Airport and Chamonix in nine or 13-seater minibuses takes around 75 minutes. The way it works is a bit like a shared taxi.

How much is a taxi from Geneva to Chamonix?

How to get from Geneva Airport to Chamonix

Taxi €300 75min
Bus €38 90min

How long is transfer from Geneva to Chamonix?

As the Geneva to Chamonix transfer time is between 1hr 15 and 1hr 30, depending on road conditions and your drop off point, with Mountain Drop-offs you’ll soon be checking out the latest snow conditions at the foot of the snow-capped peaks of the Chamonix Mont Blanc Massif on your way to the ski hire shop, ready to hit …

Does Chamonix have an airport?

Geneva is the nearest airport to Chamonix.

How much is a bus from Geneva to Chamonix?

Geneva Airport to Chamonix The ONLY direct bus service to Central Chamonix, with a journey time of just 75 minutes from only €16.99 one-way when you book in advance.

How much is a transfer from Geneva to Chamonix?

Geneva Airport to Chamonix comparison check

easyBus Cost SNCF Train Cost
16.99€ one-way 68.30€€ one-way
33.98€€ return 136.60€€ return

Is Chamonix worth visiting in summer?

It’s worth it as a day trip from Geneva, it’s worth it for a wonderful week away, and it’s worth it for the entire summer if you’ve got the time and money to spend. The activities and atmosphere are different, but there’s no shortage of awesome things to do in Chamonix in the summer and no absence of adventure.

Does Chamonix have a train station?

Where is the Chamonix Train Station? Chamonix-Mont-Blanc train station is located near the centre of town on the southern side of the valley. It’s about a 5-minute walk to Place Balmat but is on the resort’s free Mulet navette service if you are staying further afield.

How do I get from Geneva to Mont Blanc?

From Geneva to Mont Blanc by Train Trains depart from the Geneva Cornavin station in the center of town and can take anywhere from two hours and 51 minutes to three hours and 25 minutes, depending on which trains you take and how long the wait is in between.

Which is better Zermatt or Chamonix?

Both have excellent hiking. Zermatt is much more touristy with hotels and inns tightly packed around the river that runs through the valley. Chamonix is much more open and not as tight. Zermatt has a much more Alpine feel to it – Chamonix is very much a French ski resort…it has character but not as much as Zermatt.