How do you put a background image in a table in Dreamweaver?

How do you put a background image in a table in Dreamweaver?

Adding Table Background Images

  1. Place the insertion point in the table.
  2. From the Modify menu, select Table » Select Table. OR. Right click the cell » select Table » Select Table. The Table Properties pane appears.
  3. In the Bg Image text box, type the location of the desired image. OR. To select the image,

How do you put a background image in a table in HTML?

The background attribute can also be used to control the background of an HTML elmement, specifically page body and table backgrounds. You can specify an image to set background of your HMTL page or table. Following is the syntax to use background attribute with any HTML tag.

How do you insert an image in Dreamweaver?

How to Insert Images in Dreamweaver

  1. Click in the Document window at the point where the image is to be inserted.
  2. Choose Insert→Image.
  3. In the Select Image Source dialog box that opens, navigate to and select any file on your computer.
  4. Define accessibility attributes.
  5. Click OK to insert the image.

How do I put an image as a background in HTML email?

Click Email templates. Click Create Template. Click the Code your own tab, and select Paste in code. In the Code Editor, insert the following code just after the opening tag to add the placeholder background image and color.

How do I create a banner in Dreamweaver?

Click Insert – Image and locate the image. Double click the venice_banner image to insert into the page. If a dialog box appears asking you to copy from root folder click Yes. With the banner inserted now delete the place holder text – Content for Id “banner” goes here.

How can you put a pattern as the background of a table?

Select Borders and Shading. Select the Shading tab. Select the Fill drop-down arrow to open the color chart, then choose a background color. Select the Style drop-down arrow, then choose a tint percentage or a pattern in the chosen color.

How do I make a picture as a background on my Web pages?

To set the background image of a webpage, use the CSS style. Under the CSS