How much do outdoor plantation shutters cost?

How much do outdoor plantation shutters cost?

There is a common misconception that shutters can be an expensive option, however this isn’t necessarily the case. The average homeowner spends about $2,200 per window on plantation shutters, however, prices can vary from $1,300-$3,600. This cost is typically calculated by the window size and the cost per meter.

Can plantation shutters be used outside?

Enjoy the sophistication of the traditional outdoor Shutters with a much tougher material that withstands the external elements. Aluminium Shutters are incredibly durable and rust-resistant making them perfect for both internal and external use.

How much do plantation shutters cost per window?

Expect to spend $20 to $45 per square foot for a custom job. Wood shutters will run you $200 to $350 per window, while composite shutters cost $80 to $200.

Do plantation shutters work on all Windows?

Yes, Plantation shutters can be installed on almost any window due to them being extremely versatile.

Are plantation shutters worth the money?

Are plantation shutters expensive? They are one of the more expensive window furnishing available. However, they also last longer than other window furnishings. When you consider your plantation shutters could last you 10 years or more it’s worth investing in the best quality you can afford.

Are outdoor shutters expensive?

Exterior Shutter Costs Shutters are $30 to $1,600, depending on their style, material and size. Raised-panel vinyl sets are the most affordable at $25 to $450 while industrial roller security models are the most expensive at $1,200 each. Installation takes two to four hours at $65 to $100 per hour.

Are outdoor plantation shutters waterproof?

Outdoor Blinds are Weather Resistant. Outdoor blinds are usually not 100 per cent water proof. However depending on the material and the quality and weave of the fabric, outdoor blinds can be quite water-resistant.

Are plantation shutters Still in Style 2020?

No, plantation shutters are not out of style as far as I’m concerned. However, I’m of the view not all architectural styles should have plantation styles.

Do plantation shutters add value to house?

Polywood plantation shutters® are more than just a beautiful window treatment. They are a permanent addition to your home and increase its resale value. Plantation shutters are not only durable, but also energy efficient, which means potential home buyers will spend less money on utilities.

Which materials are best for window shutters?

What is the Best Material for Window Shutters Craftwood MDF Shutters. Due to its sleek design, hard-wearing quality and cost-effectiveness, Craftwood MDF Shutters are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Bay Window Shutters. Hardwood Shutters. White Teak Shutters. Economy MDF Shutters or Simple Shutters. Aluminum Security Shutters. Choosing The Right Shutter For Your Window.

What is the best wood for shutters?

Exterior shutter material should be weather resistant and straight grained. These characteristics enable shutters to withstand warping, shrinking and swelling. Cedar is one of the wood species most commonly used for shutters. Redwood and cypress also are viable options.

Are plantation shutters expensive?

Plantation shutters look costly, and individuals presume that they are too expensive to consider, but the truth is that this window is cheaper than curtains. Typically, the cost of plantation shutters is roughly $20 per square foot.

How do you install interior shutters?

Lift one shutter into position and slip a strip of 1/16″ plywood between the bottom of shutter frame and windowsill. This will ensure there is an adequate clearance to open and close shutters. Open the center hinge fully and hold it against the casement.