How much does a MN state trooper make?

How much does a MN state trooper make?

While attending the Trooper Candidate School, trainees are compensated at the base trooper salary which is $62,483/year or $30.04/hour. Room and board is provided at no cost. Top pay for State Troopers is $82,207 and is reached after 8 years.

How do you become a state trooper in Minnesota?

Minnesota State Trooper Training

  1. Filling out the LETO Application.
  2. Meeting Basic Requirements.
  3. Passing the Physical Fitness Test.
  4. Interviews and Background Check.
  5. Basic and Physical Requirements.
  6. Exams and Background Checks.
  7. Enrolling in the Training Academy.

How many State Troopers are in MN?

590 state troopers
Creation and Evolution of the Minnesota State Patrol Today, more than 590 state troopers provide assistance, education and enforcement to state citizens and provide for safe, efficient movement of traffic on Minnesota’s roadways. Troopers are supported by 295 civilian personnel.

Who is the head of the Minnesota State Patrol?

Matt Langer
The current State Patrol Chief is Colonel Matthew Langer. Each district office is led by a Captain and is staffed with troopers and investigators, along with communication and support staff to assist in the patrol’s missions….State Patrol Chief.

Name Year(s)
Matt Langer 2015–present

What is a good salary in MN?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $128,269 and as low as $19,335, the majority of salaries within the Average jobs category currently range between $46,686 (25th percentile) to $69,793 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $84,883 annually in Minnesota.

How much do FBI snipers make?

The salaries of Swat Snipers in the US range from $19,114 to $509,998 , with a median salary of $91,637 . The middle 57% of Swat Snipers makes between $91,638 and $231,035, with the top 86% making $509,998.

What are the requirements to be a state trooper?

Since a state trooper is part of a law enforcement team, they must be at least 21 years of age and hold a high school diploma or GED, at the minimum. However, most state law enforcement agencies recommend that candidates complete at least an associate’s degree.

How long is Minnesota State police academy?

seventeen weeks
How long is your Training Academy? The Training Academy consists of a seventeen weeks residential modified stress academy at Camp Ripley in Little Falls, MN. Candidates who complete the residential training are appointed as a State Patrol Trooper.

What do state troopers do?

What does a state trooper do? A state trooper works to promote traffic safety and enforce motor vehicle laws in a specific state. Each state has its own force of troopers, who are authorized to give tickets and arrest people who violate federal or state laws.

What is the history of the MN POST board?

Minnesota’s first step toward regulating the practice of law enforcement came in 1967 when the Minnesota Peace Officer Training Board (MPOTB) was created by the legislature. Beginning in 1968, MPOTB’s responsibilities included certification of agencies offering police academy training.

How many MN State Patrol officers?

Staff. The Minnesota State Patrol is comprised of 886 employees of which 591 are uniform personnel. The State Patrol is located across the state, based in 11 district headquarters.

Who is the Minnesota State Patrol?

The Minnesota State Patrol is the primary highway patrol agency for Minnesota and serves as the de facto state police for the state. While Minnesota State Patrol troopers have full powers of arrest throughout the state, their primary function is traffic and vehicle law enforcement.

What is the Minnesota State Trooper car?

Minnesota State Patrol Ford Crown Victoria cruiser with current markings used 2008-present. While the State Patrol concentrates primarily on traffic enforcement and highway safety it also has a statewide law enforcement role. Troopers are also involved with accident reconstruction and commercial vehicle enforcement.

What is the role of the state police?

State police officers may work as detectives in criminal investigations, responsible for gathering information from suspects. One role of state police officers is to work accident scenes. State troopers use radar guns to measure the speed of cars and trucks on highways. State police officers are sometimes referred to as highway patrol officers.

What is Minnesota State mascot?

The “Golden” Gophers. The University Mascot is derived from a nickname for the state of Minnesota, “The Gopher State.”. The original design was based on the thirteen-lined ground squirrel. The state nickname derives from a political cartoon by R. O. Sweeny, published as a broadside in 1858.