Is a Porsche 924s a good investment?

Is a Porsche 924s a good investment?

Porsche 924s from the late 1970s and early ’80s are often overlooked—making them affordable and easy to find.

Is the Porsche 924 rare?

The 1981 and 1982 Turbos and the associated special variants are garnering interest in collector circles, and while many still exist, excellent examples of the cars are quite scarce as of today. The 924 was discontinued in 1988, with Porsche concentrating on producing the faster 944 as its entry-level model.

Are Porsche 924 collectable?

Wide-fendered 924 Carrera GT variants are already collectible, though will perhaps see even more appreciation in coming years. Find yourself the world’s nicest example of a 924 Turbo, preferably the later 5-lug wheel versions, and you’ll have a great fun car you can enjoy that is sure to appreciate.

How many Porsche 924s are left?

2021 2017
PORSCHE 924 AUTO 41 51
PORSCHE 924 S 107 130

Is Audi owned by Porsche?

Yes, Volkswagen Group is Porsche’s parent company. Volkswagen Group is also the parent company of various other luxury car brands, including Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, and Lamborghini.

How fast is a Porsche 924?

The Porsche 924 5 Speed top speed is 204 Km/h / 127 mph.

Are Porsche 924 prices rising?

While still in the shadow of the cars that followed (the 944 and 968) good 924s are now increasing in value, so if you want an affordable Porsche but don’t fancy a Boxster, now could be the time to buy.

Why do Porsches cost so much?

Porsches are a brand indelibly connected with luxury, and the price points of their cars reflect that, regardless of whether they’re vintage or fresh off the lot. He wanted to work on technical designs for other carmakers and charge licensing fees.