Is Die Schone mullerin a Lied?

Is Die Schone mullerin a Lied?

It is the earliest extended song cycle to be widely performed. One of Schubert’s most important works, it is the first of his two seminal cycles (the other being his later Winterreise), and a pinnacle of Lied. It is widely performed and recorded. Die schöne Müllerin is performed by a pianist and a solo singer.

What is Die Schone mullerin about?

TACOMA, Wash. – From the young miller’s exultant cry in the love song “Mein,” to the soothing lullaby sung by the brook that enticed the young lover to his end, Franz Schubert’s song cycle Die Schöne Müllerin (The Beautiful Miller Maid) is a classic romance.

Who composed Die Schöne Müllerin?

Franz Schubert
Die schöne Müllerin/Composers

18) from Franz Schubert’s song cycle Die schöne Müllerin (“The Fair Maid of the Mill”), D. 795; from a 1951 recording by baritone Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and pianist Gerald Moore. At the close of 1822 Schubert contracted a venereal disease, probably syphilis, and the following year was one of illness and retirement.

What is the main form structure used in German Lieds?

The lied proper, like many other forms, commonly comprises two sections, the first phrase of music (a) repeated with different words, and the second phrase (B), again with different words aaB. This is the Bar form much favoured by German composers and often expanded in various ways.

How long is Winterreise?

Winterreise can seem a little intimidating. Its 24 gloomy songs are to be taken in one, extended, 70-minute dose. It shouldn’t be like that. The music of the cycle is varied and engagingly weird – Schubert’s friends were shocked when they first heard it.

What is the meaning of song cycle?

: a group of related songs designed to form a musical entity.

What is a musical lied?

A lied is a German song. The plural is lieder. Lied most often refers to a song performed in German by a solo singer with piano accompaniment. Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms all composed lieder.

What are the three basic types of lieder?

When three parts are present, whether sung or played and sung, the tenor and top part (descant) form a harmonic unity, while the third part (countertenor) skips between and below the other two. Polyphonic lieder reached a climax in the mid-16th century with the songs of Ludwig Senfl and his contemporaries.

What is the proper name for his songs is actually lieder?

Lied (pronounced “leed”) is the German word for “song” (the plural is Lieder – pronounced “leader”). The word Lied is used in music to describe the songs that were written by German-speaking composers of classical music.

What’s the meaning of Winterreise?

Winter Journey
Winterreise, (German: “Winter Journey”) cycle of 24 songs for male voice and piano composed in 1827 by Austrian composer Franz Schubert, with words by German poet Wilhelm Müller. Schubert was reviewing the publisher’s proofs of the cycle in the weeks before his death, shortly before his 32nd birthday.