Is Hub Group a good company to work for?

Is Hub Group a good company to work for?

Nice company and mostly good people. Frequent perks and good moral. The pay was average and the benefits were better than average. The team I was on was cliquish and success was not judged on job performance and experience but how well you fit in to the clique.

How much does Hub Group pay per mile?

The new regional pay package starts drivers at 60 cents per mile with the ability for drivers to receive yearly pay increases. Driving 2,200-2,400 miles per week, drivers can expect to earn $75,000 or more annually.

What does Hub Group do?

Hub Group is a $3 billion asset light freight transportation management company providing comprehensive intermodal, truck brokerage and logistics services. The Company operates through a network of offices throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

How much do Rolex employees get paid?

Rolex employees earn $55,000 annually on average, or $26 per hour, which is 18% lower than the national salary average of $66,000 per year.

How many employees does Hub Group have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Dec 2018) 5,400 (+24%)
Job Openings 13
Website Visits (Mar 2021) 162.6 k
Revenue (FY, 2020) $3.5 B (-4%)
Share Price (Aug 2021) $67.1 (+4%)

When was Hub Group founded?

1971, Hinsdale, Illinois, United States
Hub Group/Founded

Is Hub Group a broker?

Benefits of Hub Group truck brokerage solutions Our full suite of truck brokerage solutions untangles your most prevalent supply chain challenges, while continuously iterating to deliver the most innovative, effective truck brokerage services for your business.

What is Hub short for?

Hub is a given name and a nickname, usually short for Hubert, Hubbard or Herbert.

How much do Rolex watchmakers make?

Rolex Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range
Job Title:Watchmaker Range:$52k – $106k (Estimated *)
Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Range:$52k – $88k (Estimated *)
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Range:$30k – $56k (Estimated *)
Treasurer Range:$88k – $189k (Estimated *)

How much does Rolex cost?

How much do Rolex Watches cost?

Model Price (approximate)
Rolex Day-Date, Ref. 228238 $40,000 USD
Rolex Daytona, Ref. 116500LN $28,600 USD
Rolex Submariner, Ref. 116610LV $25,000 USD
Rolex GMT-Master ‘Pepsi’, Ref. 16700 $15,000 USD

How big is the hub group?

Hub Group

Type Public
Revenue $3.7 billion (2019)
Operating income $152 million (2019)
Net income $107 million (2019)
Total assets $1.9 billion (2019)

What is JB Hunt revenue?

9.165 billion USD (2019)
J. B. Hunt/Revenue