Is it free to join the CSC network?

Is it free to join the CSC network?

Registration is free of cost. Just fill your details and join the CSC network. By becoming a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE), the user will be able to work on Digital Seva Portal and will be able to deliver various government and non-government services.

How to manage your CSC fuel card online?

The CSC Fuel Card offers a full online account management portal. View card data. Stop cards. The CSC Fuel Card comes with a full online service to manage your fuel card account. Reprint invoices, export transaction reports, view cards & current fuel prices. All at your fingertips 24 hours a day…

What is the importance of CSC in India?

CSC has given a new identity, not just for me, but for my employees as well. I have learned a lot of new things with the help of CSC and I’m happy that I get to share my knowledge with everyone. CSCs are the pillars of digitally driven India. It gives an opportunity to common people to start a business and establish themselves.

Who are the people who have benefited from CSC?

What VLE’s Says. 1 RAMSHIDA. VARAVOOR, KERALA. #LivingMyLifeWithCSC. CSC changed my life. I always wanted to start a business of my own which will also help others. I’m 2 SHALINI. 3 CRISTEEB. 4 CHANDRU. 5 GURUNATHAN.

What can I do with CSC registration online?

Such as making Aadhaar card, making a ration card, making a PAN card, making a death certificate, making a birth certificate, making an income certificate, making a caste certificate, and along with this you can submit electricity bill from here. You can collect water bill. Many more types of government services can be availed through CSC PORTAL.

Do you have to re-register your CSC ID?

CSC Re Registration Process is for all CSC Center Operators whose ID has become very old, if you had a VLE ID earlier, then you have to change it to a new CSC ID, after that your ID will be kept smoothly to register the ID. You can complete the process of re-registration for this process has been stopped recently

What does CSC live corrugated supplies company do?

CSC Live! Corrugated Supplies Company is taking the necessary steps in response to the uncertainty surrounding COVID 19. We are committed to the same level of quality and service to our valued customers despite the ever evolving situation.