Is the Neumann U87 worth it?

Is the Neumann U87 worth it?

Worth The $$$$ This mic really does sound much better than anything in the mid-priced market. I stepped up from a Neumann TLM103. I used to spend a bunch of time eq-ing and compressing trying to make vocals tracks sound good. With the U87, it already sounds great.

What mic is better than U87?

Best U87 Alternatives at a Glance

Editor’s Choice Warm Audio WA87 Check Latest Price
Most Versatile Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Check Latest Price
Mojave Audio MA-200 Check Latest Price

Is the TLM 103 a tube mic?

The TLM 103 has quickly become one of the biggest successes in Neumann’s history. Its pristine, clear sound is a modern update on the classic U87. The TLM 103 is a transformerless cardioid condenser microphone with a gentle presence boost for a stunningly direct sound with breathtaking definition and ultra low noise.

What is a TLM 103 good for?

The Neumann TLM-103 is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone suitable for all kinds of work, but especially useful for vocals, acoustic guitar and wind instruments.

Why is the Neumann U87 so expensive?

These days, labor costs are a major factor, especially with products that are essentially handmade. Some competitors have outsourced their production to low wage countries, but Neumann microphones are still made in Germany by specially trained staff. It’s simply impossible to get the same quality at a lower cost.

What is the best microphone in the world?

  1. Sontronics Solo microphone. The best microphone if you need a Shure SM58 alternative.
  2. IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio. The best microphone for streamers and podcasters.
  3. Rode NT1 microphone.
  4. Audio Technica AE2300 microphone.
  5. Shure MV7.
  6. Aston Microphones Origin.
  7. AKG C214.
  8. sE Electronics sE2200a II microphone.

Why is the U87 so popular?

Part of the reason why the Neumann U87 is such a studio favourite is because of its reliability. Having been in many different recording studios, one comes to recognize the real impact that a microphone can have on a vocal sound.

What is large diaphragm condenser microphone?

Large diaphragm condensers are part microphone, part instrument. Their aim is to make the sound source appear bigger, more engaging, more beautiful and adorable. They will give you that “sounds like a record” feeling. Large diaphragm microphones are “romantics”.

Do you need a shock mount for TLM 103?

A shock mount is much safer, because it attenuates impact noise before it even reaches the mic. This helps to make a clean recording, but an (additional) external shock mount is much more effective. The original EA 1 shock mount is specifically designed for the Neumann TLM 103.

What’s the difference between Neumann U87 and TLM 103?

The TLM 103 is another mic from Neumann. Coming in at half the price of the U87, it certainly has enough quality to be on this list. It is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that has just the cardioid polar pattern. Unlike the U87, you may not be able to use this mic for many different recording scenarios.

When did the Neumann U87 Mic Come Out?

Neumann U87 was first released in 1967. Since then it has cemented its place as a legendary microphone in the recording industry. Today, the U87 is some sort of “holy grail” of mics.

What kind of battery does a Neumann tlm103 use?

The TLM103 can only be powered via a standard 48V phantom supply (there is no provision for internal batteries as on the original U87s) and current consumption is quoted at 3mA. The TLM103 is supplied in a wooden case, with a shaped hard foam insert, which should afford a good degree of protection for the mic in storage and transit.