Is Tsukishima an enemy in bleach?

Is Tsukishima an enemy in bleach?

While Byakuya admits to this as well as his gratitude, he also notes that Tsukishima is an enemy of Ichigo Kurosaki and states to have no qualms striking down Tsukishima on that reasoning. In response, Tsukishima opens his eyes and clenches one of his fists.

Who kills Tsukishima?

Riruka harshly reprimands him for it, reminding him that it was Ichigo and not the Fullbringers that saved Kūgo. A dying Tsukishima, carried by Moe.

What is Tsukishima power bleach?

Powers & Abilities Expert Swordsman: Tsukishima is a skilled swordsman that can fight against others of greater caliber, such as Ichigo Kurosaki, who he was able to best with his incomplete Fullbring form, and Kugo Ginjo that ended in a stand still.

Who is the most evil bleach character?

Bleach: The 5 Most Sympathetic Villains (& 5 Total Monsters)

  1. 1 Total Monster: Sosuke Aizen.
  2. 2 Most Sympathetic: Dordoni.
  3. 3 Total Monster: Grand Fisher.
  4. 4 Most Sympathetic: Renji Abarai.
  5. 5 Total Monster: Aaroniero.
  6. 6 Most Sympathetic: Acidwire.
  7. 7 Total Monster: Nnoitora Gilga.
  8. 8 Most Sympathetic: Tier Halibel.

Why is Tsukishima so mean?

Tsukishima’s cold and mean behaviour is a mean to protect himself, to keep others away from him so he won’t be hurt anymore (once again – the whole drama involved his most important person at the time). So the thing is that Tsukishima is suppressing his real feelings.

How tall is Shukuro Tsukishima from Bleach?

Shūkurō Tsukishima (月島 秀九郎, Tsukishima Shūkurō) is a Fullbringer and a former member of Xcution . Tsukishima is an extremely tall young man with black eyes and wavy black hair that is at shoulder length.

Who is the guardian of Karakura in Bleach?

Zennosuke Kurumadani (車谷 善之介, Kurumadani Zennosuke ), sometimes referred to as either “Afro-san” (アフロさん, Afurosan) or “Af-san” (アフ-さん, Afusan) due to his large Afro, is the Shinigami who replaces Rukia Kuchiki as the guardian of the areas around Karakura Town. He is a member of the Thirteenth Division.

Why did Shukuro Tsukishima send Moe to attack Uryu?

Sometime after the attack on Uryū, Tsukishima sends Moe Shishigawara to attack Orihime Inoue, but says that he does not need to do anything, because he believes that Shishigawara will not harm girls. As Shishigawara is about to fight Orihime, Tsukishima arrives and tells Orihime that he was the one who attacked Uryū.

Why does Tsukishima want to kill Ichigo Kurosaki?

However, once this process began, he had a change of heart and used his abilities to kill the Substitute Shinigami and those who had been relieved of their powers. Now Ginjō has theorized that Tsukishima’s new goal is to keep Ichigo Kurosaki away from them.