What are the specs for a temporary power pole?

What are the specs for a temporary power pole?

Poles shall be treated wood not less than 16 feet long, with a minimum 7-inch butt and a minimum 5-inch top. Poles shall be set in the ground a minimum of 4 feet, solidly tamped, and project a minimum of 12 feet out of the ground. A taller pole may be required to meet NEC clearance requirements greater than 10 feet.

How many amps is a temporary power pole?

Please follow these steps to get temp power: Usually it’s 60 amp. It must have at least 2 outlets. If you hire someone, it usually costs about $450-$750 which may or may not include the permit that the electrician will get. The pole should be mounted no further than 70 feet from where the house will be built.

What is a temporary power pole?

1. Temporary Power Poles: Temporary power pole permits are issued only in conjunction with a building permit. Temporary power pole permits are for construction purposes only and are not to be issued for use with wells, mobile homes, docks, etc.

How do you get temporary power in construction?

Getting temporary power to your construction site is an involved process. Once you vet different power companies and approve a quote, the temporary power poles need to be installed and there are permits and inspections that need to take place.

How much does a temporary power pole cost?

Temporary power must have a pole within 70 feet or less to the worksite and the necessary permits to supply electricity. Depending on the project, the cost of temporary power can vary….Temporary Power for Construction Site Cost.

Temporary Power Cost
National average cost $2,000
Average range $1,000-$4,000
Minimum cost $800
Maximum cost $5,500

How far does a power pole have to be from a house?

Wiring between disconnect box and breaker panel does not have to be buried if the pole is installed within one foot of home’s perimeter. Maximum distance from perimeter of home to meter pole is 30′.

What is a temporary Builders Supply?

A temporary power supply is an electricity connection for builders to use on-site for construction work when no other source of electricity is available. Building a new property and need electricity onsite during the build to power basic lighting and tools.

How much does a meter pole cost?

25 Foot Meter Poles and Fused Disconnect Poles

Price Description
$60.00 25 Foot Pole (No Disconnect or Meter Base)
$360.00 25 Ft. Pole with Meter Base and 240V/200 Amp Disconnect
$550.00 25 Ft. Pole with 480V/30 Amp Disconnect
$620.00 25 Ft. Pole with 480V/60 Amp Disconnect

How deep does a power pole need to be?

Utility poles are buried according to a particular formula — 10 percent of the pole’s height plus two feet equals the appropriate depth of burial. A standard utility pole measures 40 feet, so a standard hole will go about 6 feet down into the ground.

What does it cost to have a power pole installed?

VERY rough numbers – commonly about $5-10/LF for overhead runs (meaning new poles typically every 100-300 feet, possibly more in high tree area), plus $500-3000 per pole needed depending on length (probably about 36-40′ tall minimum for your area if not rural but can be much more in heavily treed areas, so closer to …

How tall does my power pole need to be?

The pole must be treated and be at least a Class 7 round or 6”x 6” square and have a minimum of 14.5 feet above the ground. If metallic weather head is used with PVC conduit, it must have a bonding ground.

What are the requirements for a temporary power pole?

No less is required of a temporary pole service than a normal main dwelling service only smaller in amp rating and weatherproof. The pole on an overhead temporary should be a minimum of 5″ thick. The total length requirement, generally is, approximately 16′ long.

A temporary power pole has a wide variety of applications which include: Residential Construction Sites and Remodeling Jobs Commercial Construction Sites and Renovation Jobs Special Events Concerts & Music Festivals Sporting Events Races, Obstacle Races, and Charity Walks

What is a temp pole?

Just as the name suggests, a temporary power pole (or temporary builder’s pole) is a private pole Payless Power Poles will set up within the boundaries of a property to provide you with a connection to a power network.