What do you talk about on career day?

What do you talk about on career day?

Based on student feedback from last year, consider the following talking points: Briefly introduce yourself (schools, internships, first jobs, etc.). where you are. Explain what you like best/least about your job and/or career field.

What is career Dress Up Day?

Career Dress-up day is a fun event designed to encourage career awareness amongst Grade 7 learners as part of the Life Orientation curriculum, learning outcome 5. Come to school dressed as the career you want to be.

Why is career Day important?

Career Days are designed to: Expose students to a variety of careers and jobs by connecting them with business partners. Provide a realistic picture of the workplace. Help students make the connection between school and the workplace. Inform career planning.

What should I do for career Day?

Here’s how to plan career days that are fun, memorable and inspiring.

  • Planning Elementary Career Exploration.
  • Speakers and Storytelling Activities.
  • Activities and Tools for Career Exploration.
  • The Benefits of Job Shadowing.
  • Real-World Skill Exploration.
  • State and Federal Career Resources.

How can I make my career Day interesting?

Talk About What You Enjoy One sure way to make career day interesting is to talk about the things you truly love about your job. This will help students see how all kinds of jobs have a fulfilling component. Examples: I’m a cashier at a baby goods retailer.

How do I organize my career talk?

Here are some tips for planning yours.

  1. Enlist a career day planning team to organize and carry out major tasks.
  2. Determine how many students will attend.
  3. Develop a master schedule for the event.
  4. Invite guest speakers at least three months in advance and provide a formal invitation explaining and highlighting the event.

How do you dress like a doctor?

Scrubs: Blue short-sleeved scrub top and pants, with or without white coat. Formal: Light blue long-sleeved dress shirt and navy-blue suit pants, with or without white coat, with black leather shoes with one-inch heels for women and black leather shoes for men, and a dark blue tie for men.

How do you dress like a famous person?

Top off a simple white dress with a white jacket….Experiment with proportions.

  1. Wear a short skirt with a long-sleeved blouse and flats.
  2. Try a trench coat with a long denim skirt and a short-sleeved turtleneck top.
  3. Pair a short shift dress with a long wool vest and simple ankle boots.

What is career and its importance?

It is important to come up with your career planning as it gives you the much needed direction and makes it clear there where you see yourself in future. It makes you aware of your strength and weaknesses and the skills and knowledge that are required to achieve your goals in future.

What is career Day all about in school?

A career day is an activity in which business partners from a variety of companies come together at a school to share information about their workplace, their job, and the education and skills that are required for success in their career.

What is your career choice?

When choosing a certain profession or making a career switch, it is important to carefully find out what your interests and ambitions are. Such a test gives you a clear insight in your talents and interests. It also tells you in which area of expertise you will probably find a profession suitable for you.

What is the purpose of career dress up day?

Career Dress-up day is a fun event designed to encourage career awareness amongst Grade 7 learners as part of the Life Orientation curriculum, learning outcome 5. DRESS REQUIRED Come to school dressed as the career you want to be. Or, design a hat required for this job, for example, mine worker, chef; policeman/woman, fire fighter etc.

What to put in front pocket for Career Day?

Stick a pair of safety goggles, ink pen and magnifying glass in the front pocket. Print (or draw) a name tag that says “professor ‘insert name here’” Include a clip art of scientific beakers to make sure people know this is a scientist! Slide the paper name tag into an over the neck tag holder from your last conference.

How to prepare for a career day presentation?

(Speaking to Students about Your Career) Here are some suggestions to help make your Career Day presentations a success. Each career and industry is unique, so plan what works for you and your area of expertise.  Keep in mind that your audience is 14-16 year old high school students.

What should I wear to a career day?

Look around in the toy box for any other medical supplies to drop in the front pockets. Not to be confused with the role of a lawyer (which would just be a suit or dress clothes). A supreme court justice would wear a black robe. So just grab a black graduation robe out of the attic and there you go.