What episode does Meredith and Derek have Bailey?

What episode does Meredith and Derek have Bailey?

Perfect Storm
Perfect Storm (Grey’s Anatomy) Episode no.

Is Meredith’s baby’s name Derek or Bailey?

Derek Bailey Shepherd is the only son of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd.

Does Meredith and Derek keep Zola?

While treating Zola, Doctor Derek Shepherd fell in love with the little girl. He later suggested to Meredith that they adopt Zola. After several interviews with a social worker and careful review by the court, the adoption of Zola was finalized. Meredith and Derek became parents in Season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Why did Meredith name her baby Bailey?

After he was born, Shane Ross noticed that Meredith had suffered from a massive splenic hemorrhage caused by her fall down the stairs. Miranda Bailey performed surgery to stop the hemorrhage and saved Meredith’s life, thus Meredith named her son after her.

Was Izzy pregnant on GREY’s anatomy?

At age 15, Izzie became pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl and gave her up for adoption at 16 in order to give her a better life. Because of her pregnancy, mothers made their children stay away from Izzie so she struggled to make friends.

Does Meredith’s son died?

He died during one of the final episodes of Season 11, and in the following episode, Meredith took the kids and left home. In the end, though, Alex was by her side, and she eventually came home with Ellis and the other kids in tow. Ellis was still born out of love, although sadly, Derek never got to meet her.

Where did Bailey and Zola go after Derek died?

Meredith took Zola and Bailey with her to the hospital, where they stayed with a social worker while Meredith had life support turned off and sat with Derek while he died. (” How to Save a Life “) Zola, Bailey, and Meredith moved to San Diego temporarily after Derek died.

What’s the name of Derek and Meredith’s baby?

Derek, is that our baby?” “Yes. Yes it is. Zola Grey Shepherd, born Zola Limbani, is Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd’s eldest daughter and child. She has a younger brother, Bailey, and a younger sister, Ellis . Zola was born with spina bifida. She came to Seattle from Malawi with a group of African kids who needed surgery.

How did Derek and Meredith adopt Zola Grey Shepherd?

Derek was the first one to take a shine to her, because when he was holding her to examine her, she stopped crying and Alex remarked that she liked him. Later that day, he suggested the adoption to Meredith and she agreed. They started to fill out the adoption paperwork and came to the question that asked if they were married.

Why did Meredith take Zola home at the white wedding?

(” White Wedding “) Meredith and Derek were granted temporary custody of Zola not long after Derek found out that Meredith had tampered with his trial to ensure that Adele Webber got the active agent. However, Meredith brought her home alone, because Derek was mad at her.