What goes in an EndNote?

What goes in an EndNote?

A superscript number refers to a footnote or endnote which contains all of the publishing information and the page number for the information referenced.Footnotes appear on the bottom of the page that contains the sentence to which it refers.Endnotes are listed at the end of the paper on separate pages.

Can you use both footnotes and endnotes?

You do not have to use both. That said, if your teacher says to use both, then you do. 1 Footnotes are the small notations at the bottom of the page giving the citations or extra information for only that page. Endnotes, on the other hand, have all the citations and notes together at the end.

What is a parenthetical note?

A parenthetical reference (sometimes called “in-text” citation) is a reference to one of your sources in your bibliography. Usually, a parenthetical reference includes the author’s last name, or the title of the article if there is no author, and the page number.