What happened to the Fairy type in Pokemon TCG?

What happened to the Fairy type in Pokemon TCG?

Fairy-type Pokémon have been pulled from the Pokémon Trading Card Game as part of a raft of new rule changes landing with the imminent Sword & Shield expansion. Although there will be no more new fairy-type Pokémon cards introduced, existing fairy-type cards will remain legal in Standard tournament matches for now.

Why did the TCG get rid of Fairy type?

While there was no explanation for why Fairy-types were given the axe, it was presumably done as part of the larger rebalancing of the game going into the Sword and Shield era. In addition to this type rearrangement, significant changes were made to weakness and resistance.

What year was the Fairy type discontinued for the TCG?

The Fairy type ceased being supported by the TCG from the Sword & Shield expansion onwards. Pokémon that are Fairy-types in the main series video games are now grouped with the Psychic type instead.

Why did Pokémon add Fairy type?

The Fairy type (フェアリータイプ Fearī taipu) is one of the eighteen Pokémon elemental types. The Fairy type was introduced in Generation VI to balance the Dragon and Dark types. Another reason why the Fairy type was introduced was to give offensive advantages to the Steel and Poison types.

Is Fairy type going away?

The Fairy type, which was introduced in the XY Series, will no longer be supported in the Sword & Shield Series. Pokémon that are Fairy types in the Pokémon video game series will now generally be represented as Psychic-type Pokémon in the Pokémon TCG.

What is the Fairy types weakness?

Fairy type Pokemon have just two weaknesses: steel and poison types. Alongside that, are three types that resist fairy attacks, with those being poison, steel, and fire.

Is fairy type going away?

Why is dragon weak to Fairy?

Showerthought: Dragons are weak to Fairy types because dragons are always defeated in fairy tales.

Are Fairy types overpowered?

Although Fairy-type was initially meant to act as a counter to Dragon-type and further balance the games, it has actually surpassed Dragon in strength and become the most overpowered type in all of Pokémon.

Why did they get rid of Dragon type Pokemon?

Since Dragon’s only Weakness was literally deleted, and Creatures wants to focus on five main Weaknesses, Dragon also doesn’t have reason to exist under this system. Creatures may have removed it in an effort to consolidate the types. Furthermore, most Dragon Pokemon are dual-typed; only 12 are pure Dragon-type.

Why is Dragon weak to fairy?

Is there going to be Fairy type Pokemon in TCG?

The Pokemon TCG will no longer include Fairy-type Pokemon starting with the release of the upcoming Sword and Shield series, according to a list of rule changes posted on

Are there any Pokemon that are weak to fairies?

Generally, Fairy Pokémon had a resistance to: These types were generally weak to Fairy Pokémon: See Category:Fairy-type Pokémon cards for all Pokémon cards that have this type. This article is part of Project TCG, a Bulbapedia project that aims to report on every aspect of the Pokémon Trading Card Game .

What kind of power does a Fairy type have?

However, Fairy types can be incredibly powerful. Fairy-types also have some magical appeal to them. As opposed to Psychic -type Pokémon, Fairy -type Pokémon have powers related to magic and the supernatural as opposed to mental power.

What kind of attack does a fairy have?

Fairy attacks are resisted by Poison, but Poison is weak to Psychic -type moves, which Fairy Pokémon are frequently able to learn. Additionally, all three of the types that resist Fairy are weak to Ground, making Fairy and Ground a strong attacking combination. Fairy-type Pokémon, on average, have the lowest physical Attack of all Pokémon.