What is a dd15at engine?

What is a dd15at engine?

The DD15 is the latest engine from Detroit for the on-highway market. It is EPA 07 compliant and EPA 10 ready, so you are prepared for the upcoming emission regulations. The engine is available as 6-cylinder inline configuration and delivers unrivalled torque response, power and optimised fuel consumption.

Is the DD15 a good engine?

When it comes to diesel engines, the Detroit DD15 is the one to beat. It comes with loads of impressive features that make it a high-performance and durable engine.

Who makes the DD15 engine?

Daimler Trucks
Now, Daimler Trucks has unveiled the DD15 engine. It’s the first in a four-displacement family that will eventually power all Daimler Group trucks worldwide.

What size is a DD15 engine?

Displacing 14.8 liters in an inline, six-cylinder configuration, the DD15 is the first in a series of new heavy-duty engines that will be produced in three versions: 12.8 liters, 14.8 liters, and 15.6 liters.

How many miles can you put on a DD15 engine?

The B50 for the DD15 and DD16 is 1.2 million miles. Detroit has many years of experience in such matters, so the estimates should be reliable. Other makers quote similar numbers. And careful maintenance of any engine should extend its life.

Which is better DD13 or DD15?

They find the DD13 tends to be the best fit in regional applications, while the DD15 leads the long haul segments where fuel economy and performance are most important. Each 100-rpm reduction saves 1% of the fuel bill, an estimated $730 per year.

How many miles can you get out of a DD15 engine?

Which is better DD13 vs DD15?

How long does a DD15 engine last?

How many horsepower is DD15?

Downsped Engines = Improved Fuel Economy: The DD13® and DD15® with downsped 400 HP and 1750 lb/ft rating deliver greater horsepower and torque at lower RPMs, keeping your truck in top gear longer while cruising at more efficient engine speeds.

How many horsepower is a DD15 engine?

560 hp
Using both its turbos, the DD15 is able to produce 560 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque in the maximized configuration-that’s about 50 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque more than the trusty Series 60.

What is the best oil for a DD15 engine?

“As of January 2019, Chevron Delo will supply two thirds of the North American heavy-duty factory fill engine oil market.” Beginning January 1, Delo 400 ZFA SAE 10W-30 will be factory-filled in all Detroit DD13, DD15, and DD16 engines.

Are there any Detroit DD15 diesel engines for sale?

2014 Detroit DD15 used diesel engine for sale . 505HP, tested and inspected with warranty. Call or visit our website for more info.. 2012 Detroit DD15. Used diesel engine for sale. 560HP. Tested and inspected with 6 month warranty. Call or visit our website for more information… 2012 Detroit DD15. Used diesel engine for sale. 560HP.

Is the DD15 Gen 5 a Class 8 engine?

All while meeting GHG 2021 standards. The DD15 Gen 5 engine has been significantly redesigned with innovative new features, building on the legacy of the most popular Class 8 diesel engine in North America. The best 6-cylinder diesel engine available in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle market just got even better.

What are the features of Detroit DD15 Gen 5?

The DD15 Gen 5 builds upon proven Detroit® technology to offer industry-leading efficiency, performance and durability. Key design features include: Ultra-high compression ratios paired with a new swirl piston design create better combustion—and up to 3% better fuel economy.

Which is the most reliable DD15 diesel engine?

The DD15 is already one of the most reliable diesel engines ever made, and the Gen 5 builds upon that legacy with expertly engineered improvements in engine technology. A new aftertreatment system is able to do more with less space, increasing ATS maintenance intervals.