What is the lengthsman scheme?

What is the lengthsman scheme?

The lengthsman scheme is an arrangement between us and parish/town councils or community resource trusts. The parish councils employ a lengthsman. They carry out minor local highways job identified by the parish council.

What is a parish lengthsman?

High Ham Parish Lengthsman – Craig Howe Historically, a parish Lengthsman was assigned to maintain the country roads within the parish, trimming back hedges, cutting vegetation, filling in potholes and clearing ditches.

What does a lengthsman do?

On land, lengthsmen might be responsible for a few miles between adjacent villages and especially on commonage. Employed originally by the ‘Lords of the Manor’ and latterly by parish councils, they would keep grass and weeds down in verges, keep drainage ditches clear and repair fences.

What is a railway Lengthman?

(ˈlɛŋθsmən) n, pl -men. (Professions) a person whose job it is to maintain a particular length of road or railway line.

When did the parish lengthsman pilot scheme end?

Working in partnership, Hampshire County Council, and Parish Councils nominated and paid a Lead Parish in each pilot area to administer and co-ordinate the scheme on behalf of the other partners. The pilot schemes finished in Sept 2011 and were heralded as a success thanks to the efforts of those involved. We learnt that:

What does it mean to be a parish lengthsman?

The term ‘Parish Lengthsman’ is a generalised term, and does not imply that areas without Parishes will not be able to participate in the scheme in future. The Pilot Schemes: The County Council funded two pilot schemes.

Is the lengthsman scheme continuing in Herefordshire?

There has been a great deal of positive feedback, both from parishes and parishioners on the scheme. Many of the parishes currently in the scheme wish to continue and each year the funding arrangements are revisited to provide opportunities for additional parishes to join each year.

What can parishes do with their parish budgets?

Parishes can use the delegated budgets to employ a local contractor familiar with the area. Ensure legibility and visibility of traffic signs including straightening, cleaning and removing vegetation