What is the real name of Penang Hill?

What is the real name of Penang Hill?

Penang Hill is also known by the Malay name Bukit Bendera, which actually refers to Flagstaff Hill, the most developed peak. One of the peaks is known as Strawberry Hill, which was also the name of a house owned by Francis Light, founder of Penang colony.

Where to hike to the top of Penang Hill?

There are trails all over the island that lead up to the top of Penang Hill. You could literally camp and hike for days on the island of Penang. We ended up hiking to the top of Penang Hill from the Moonlight Gate, which is near to the Botanical Gardens. The trail was not so obvious, as there are so many forks and turns!

Why are there no bungalows in Penang Hill?

Because Penang Hill has a cooler environment, it has been a popular holiday retreat. A number of bungalows were built around Flagstaff Hill. The northern part of the Hills are not well developed. Government Hill, Bukit Timah ( Malay for Tin Hill) and others are designated water catchment areas and no development is permitted.

Where to go in the jungle in Penang?

It can be surprisingly noisy with the multitude of bird calls and insects in the jungle! The National Park of Penang is home to the some of the nicest beaches on Penang Island, that can only be accessed by foot. Two of the most popular trails in this park are the Monkey Beach trail and the Turtle Beach trail.

Who was the designer of Penang Hill railway?

An original coach of the Penang Hill Railway, used from 1923 to 1977. In 1909, the Straits government organised a new project, the Penang Hills Funicular Railway. This railway project was designed by Arnold R Johnson, an engineer with the Federated Malay States Railways, based on a Swiss design.

Which is the train that climbs Penang Hill?

The Doppelmayr Garaventa 100-FUL Penang Hill coach at lower station. The Penang Hill Railway is a one section funicular railway which climbs the Penang Hill from Air Itam, on the outskirts of the city of George Town in the Malaysian state of Penang. The railway first opened in 1923 as a two-section railway, and the system was overhauled in 2010.

Where is the habitat Penang Hill in Penang?

The Habitat Penang Hill. The Habitat Penang Hill is a world class rainforest discovery centre located at the edge of the magnificent rainforest located within easy access of the vibrant metropolis of Penang. With its nature trail, iconic treetop walkway, and canopy bridge that provide exceptional rainforest experiences,…