When did the Ziener ski gloves come out?

When did the Ziener ski gloves come out?

In 1946, the Bavarian family business ZIENER was founded in Oberammergau and has been developing technically innovative sports gloves and sportswear for skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring and, in summer, mountain biking and road cycling.

What kind of material is used in Ziener gloves?

The elastic 4-way-stretch material guarantees optimum freedom of movement and the mesh inserts on the back and under the sleeves ensure optimum ventilation. A coloured silicone coating has been used on both the sleeves and the hem – this not only provides style, but ensures the perfect grip as well.

What kind of gloves do you use for skiing?

The gloves or mittens are equipped with practical fasteners to make them easy to put on and take off and the alpine wool ensures that they keep babies and little snow lovers warm while they ski or romp around in the snow. Selected winter gloves are available from size 1.

What kind of mitten do you wear for skiing?

Some prefer a glove with a nylon shell for better waterproofing, but we find the simple maintenance to be well worth the effort—even for skiing in the wet snow of the Pacific Northwest. This popular glove has spawned a couple variations, including a mitten for maximum warmth and a 3-finger glove that splits the difference.

What kind of shorts does Ziener junior wear?

The conductive palm is durable and functions consistently. The ZIENER JUNIOR BIKEWEAR enjoys enduring popularity and is loved by BOYS and GIRLS alike. The range supports young bikers with a casual look and lots of clever, functional details. New arrivals are the elastic NISAKI X-FUNCTION shorts and the NATSU X-FUNCTION shorts.

Which is the best brand of Ziener skis?

Ziener scores above all with high-quality materials such as sheepskin leather and many other natural materials. This is noticeable on many meters of altitude in the saddle or on skis, because Ziener is an outdoor sport in the blood: optimum comfort, full performance and a pleasant fit are a must for every Ziener product.

What kind of wind jacket does Ziener make?

The functional ZIENER wind jacket NEIHART/ NORIA is an ideal companion for the next bike tour. The wind- and water-repellent WINDSHIELD® material prevents cooling down and keeps light rain out. In addition, the 4-way stretch material guarantees optimum freedom of movement. The elastic hem offers the best possible wearing comfort.