Where are the stunt jumps in GTA IV?

Where are the stunt jumps in GTA IV?

List of all stunt jumps

Jump #! Jump Description
01 Franklin Street, eastbound, straight ahead as the street turns 90° south.
02 Morris Street, westbound, straight ahead at the junction of Concord Avenue.
03 Concord Avenue, northbound, construction trash dumpster on the right side of the blocked road.

What do you get for completing all 50 stunt jumps in GTA V?

Stunt Jumps are hidden ramps propelling Vehicles into slow-motion jumps in GTA 5. 50 Stunt Jumps exist in San Andreas. The Stunt Jumps Collectables are required to reach 100% game completion and will also earn you the “Show Off” trophy & achievement.

Where is the NRG 900 in GTA 4?

The NRG 900 is common in all of Liberty City. Can appear more often driving a Coquette. The NRG 900 can also be spawned by dialing (625)-555-0100.

Where are all the pigeons in GTA 4?

Panhandle Rd & Catskill Ave (Leftwood) East of Panhandle and Catskill, on top of a building and under a billboard that’s just north of an entrance ramp to the skyway. From the skyway you can look north (and below) to spot the pigeon.

What do you get for killing all the flying rats in GTA 4?

Killing all 200 Flying Rats rewards the player with the “Endangered Species” Achievement/Trophy, 2.5% to the 100% Game Completion percentage, and an Annihilator on top of the MeTV building in Star Junction.

How many stunt jumps are there in GTA IV?

There are 50 stunt jumps that the player must complete in order to get 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto IV . 4 Possibilities after a jump (the second two possibilities represent a welcome improvement from Grand Theft Auto III era games. If the player is successful, the game will report “Stunt jump completed” then ” XX stunt jumps left to do.”

Where is stunt jump 4 on Carson Street?

Stunt Jump 4: The cement ramp is along the west side of Carson Street. Drive to the top of the incline on Tutelo Avenue, which is south of the ramp, then drive down and lean forward (push up on the Left Thumbstick/Analog Stick) just as you hit the ramp.

Where are the stunt jumps in GTA Algonquin?

Stunt Jump 23: Look between the lane divider on Union Drive East to spot the ramp. Drive down from the support column between the two lanes and land the jump to succeed. Stunt Jump 24: You’ll need a boat for this one (a Squalo will do). The ramp is between the two barges in the waters east of Algonquin.

Where to do stunt jump 13 in Fortnite?

Stunt Jump 13. Location – South of Bolingbroke Penitentiary On the hill to the south of the prison there is a cliff facing the fence of the prison. Drive at it and go off it towards the guard tower and land behind the fence to complete the jump. Can be completed in most vehicles.