Why did asriel turn into Flowey?

Why did asriel turn into Flowey?

Asriel and his sibling shared control of Asriel’s body after their SOULs had combined. The villagers assumed that the Asriel/Human fusion had attacked and killed the human child. Not long after being replanted, Asriel awoke within the garden, reincarnated as Flowey.

What is Hyperdeath?

I think that in this case, “Hyperdeath” means “a lot of death” and not “transcending and avoiding death”. If Frisk was a “God of Hyperdeath”, I would agree with you. Asgore manipulating MERCY is not linked to Chara manipulating ACT, as far as I know.

How much HP does asriel have?

His attacks then turn into basic fire magic that deliberately avoids the protagonist’s soul, much like Toriel’s. He eventually launches an unavoidable beam that destroys the FIGHT, ITEM, and MERCY options, but the protagonist still survives with the following amounts of HP: 0.90. 0.50.

How old is asriel from Undertale?

Asriel: 9-11. He’s probably around the same age as Frisk, but maybe a little younger, as he’s smaller and he’s a “crybaby”.

Why is flowey evil?

Before his death, Asriel was a docile, unadventurous and loving child. After Alphys resurrects him without a SOUL as Flowey, Asriel becomes incapable of feeling love or empathy, which in turn causes him to become resentful, twisted, and evil.

Is flowey a Chara?

NEUTRAL ROUTES in the neutral route, flowey never acknowledges chara. ever. except in one specific circumstance, but i’ll get to that later. at the end of the route, flowey only refers to frisk.

Why is Chara so evil Undertale?

Chara was just laughing off the pain when Asgore was poisoned. So because she didn’t want to suffer the pain, she laughed the pain away. This one might be the most biggest hint to why people think Chara is evil. The end of the genocide route where ‘she’ murdered Flowey and erased the world.

Is Gaster Sans dad?

Gaster is not father to Sans | Fandom. Here’s some facts that may prove that Gaster is not the Father of Sans and Papyrus. Remember: This is just a theory, you choose what you think. The shopkeeper tells you that Sans and Papyrus “…