Are Flextec rods any good?

Are Flextec rods any good?

Re: Flextec rods…. I have found them to be excellent value. They are both 4 piece, have fighting butts and the cork and fittings were excellent on both. The 88 casts a lovely delicate line for presentation and the Sumo throws a line like an arrow.

What size fish can a 4wt fly rod handle?

Something 9′-10′ will be perfect in a 2-4wt. The longer length gives you more control in how the fly will swim, the light weight will give you great sensitivity and the ability to fish light line! For moderate to large size rivers a 9′ rod in a 3-5wt will be good.

What size fish can a 5 wt fly rod handle?

As a general rule of thumb, a 5-weight is a great rod for fish between 10” and 20” long.

Can you catch salmon on a 6wt fly rod?

Buy an 8-weight to fish for salmon. If you like it, you may later buy a 5/6- weight to fish for trout.

What are 4 wt fly rods used for?

A 4-weight is the heaviest of the small-fish fly rods and is great for precision fishing while providing enough power to combat a heavy current or brusk winds.

What is a 3 wt fly rod good for?

The most common use for a 3 weight fly rod is fishing for trout in small streams. These small streams are usually tight quarters- there are bushes, trees, logs, and boulders all crowding the water. 3 weight fly rods will make fighting these fish feel like you’re fighting a 20-inch fish on your 5 weight.

What size fly rod should I get?

Rod length, for trout fishing, should be 8.5 to 9 feet in length. The weight of the fly rod (which means what weight fly line you plan on using) will vary depending on what you fish for. But for trout fishing, generally a 4-weight, 5-weight or 6-weight rod is best. I personally prefer a 4-weight, but that’s just me.

Can you catch salmon on a fly rod?

Depending on the situation, every type of fly rod can be used for salmon fishing – single handed, switch or double handed rods.

What is a 7 weight fly rod good for?

Fly Line Weight 7 : Use this line weight for all bass fishing if you want no worries. Also works well for monster trout fishing. Hopeless overkill for average trout and panfish. This line weight is also popular for steelhead and small to medium sized salmon.

Can you use 4wt line on 5wt rod?

Yep…in general you will need more 4wt line out to “load” the rod to the same degree than you would with the heavier 5wt line.

What is the best 3 wt fly rod?

  • Best 3 Wt Fly Rods. Orvis Clearwater 3 Weight. Moonshine Rod Co. Drifter 3 Weight. Echo Base 3 wt. Redington Vice 3 Wt. Maxcatch Premier IM8 3 Weight.
  • Why You Should Try Out a Light Rod.
  • The Wrap Up.

What is a 4 wt fly rod good for?

Where can I get a flextec fly rod?

Flextec fly rod, 9′ four piece carbon rod aftm 7/8. Flextec 9ft fly rod, aftm 7-8wt, 4 piece, used condition.. Ship to worldwide from thailand via small package international mail within business days

What kind of fly rod do I Need?

Flextec nomad carbon 7 piece travel fly fishing. An upgrade to the original bluetooth, the casting of big pike and saltwater flies is made simple and effective with this range of rods. it has the power to cast a line an out. Please upgrade postage if special next day required Flextec crx 88 10 foot fly rod 6/7 .

What kind of fly rod does maxcatch Explorer use?

Flextectrout fly rod sumo distance xs. THIS Maxcatch Explorer Fly Fishing IS NEW AND NOT BEEN OPENED. UNWANTED GIFT. IN ORIGINAL BOX ETC. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING. Flextec 10 foot sumo,distance fly rod with reel . Great rod in v good condition. well not so as we discoveredhowever, with perseverance we did.

How tall is a flextec sumo fly rod?

Flex-Tec Sumo Distance XS 9ft 5/6wt 4 Piece Fly ruler is shown for scale, not included in purchase. flextec streamtec 6’6” #3 flyfishing rod .