How big is the village of Cottenham in Cambridgeshire?

How big is the village of Cottenham in Cambridgeshire?

Cottenham is a 2927 hectare civil parish centred upon a village of the same name within Cambridgeshire, England. Cottenham is one of the larger dormitory villages surrounding the city of Cambridge, located around five miles north of the city. The population of the civil parish at the 2011 Census was 6095.

Is there a bus from Cambridge to Cottenham?

Cottenham to Cambridge bus services, operated by Stagecoach in Cambridge, arrive at Cambridge, Jesus College station. Can I drive from Cottenham to Cambridge? Yes, the driving distance between Cottenham to Cambridge is 8 miles. It takes approximately 15 min to drive from Cottenham to Cambridge. Where can I stay near Cambridge?

Where is Cottenham west of Cambridge Research Park?

Cottenham also lies directly west of Cambridge Research Park, with bus services linking the village to Cambridge, Ely and to neighbouring Fen Edge villages.

Where to get covid-19 vaccination in Cambridge MA?

The CambridgeSide testing site is located in the upper parking garage on First Street. The upper parking garage will be used for COVID-19 testing only. There is no access to the testing site from inside CambridgeSide or from the lower parking garage. Note: This site also offers COVID-19 vaccinations.

Where is the nearest railway station to Cottenham?

Proposals were drawn up for a light railway to assist in the export of goods such as fruit, wheat and cheese to Cambridge, but was never built. The village’s nearest railway stations for goods export were at Histon and Oakington, on the Cambridge and St Ives branch line.

Where are the CB postcode districts in Cambridgeshire?

These postcode districts cover much of south and east Cambridgeshire (including Cambridge and Ely), plus parts of west Suffolk (including Newmarket and Haverhill) and north-west Essex (including Saffron Walden).