How do I access Straits Times archives?

How do I access Straits Times archives?

You can access Straits Times articles via the following:

  1. Factiva (Coverage: From 1 July 1989 to current)
  2. Nexis Uni (formerly known as Lexis Nexis Academic) (Coverage: From 1 May 1992 to current)
  3. Straits Times Online (Coverage: e-paper archives is only for the past 7 days till current)

How do I find old newspaper archives?

There are three major web searchable archives in the U.S.:

  1. Google’s Historical Newspapers:
  2. (
  3. Newsbank’s Newspaper Archive (

Is the Sunday Times still being printed?

Sunday Times Daily The daily print edition of The Times came to an end in December 2017. Readers can now find exclusive news, opinion, analysis and commentary from leading writers in the Sunday Times Daily digital daily edition (formerly known as Times Select) – most of which is reserved for subscribers.

How much does the Sunday Times newspaper cost?

News UK has announced that The Sunday Times will cost 20p more from Sunday 7 July but margins for retailers will remain at 21%. Increasing in price from £2.70 to £2.90, the change is forecast to deliver an extra £5.6m in cash per year for stores. Retailers selling the paper will now make 60.9p on every copy sold.

How can I search the Straits Times archive?

GONE are the days of poring through musty rolls of microfilm in libraries to dig up information on events in Singapore history. Soon, all it takes to access more than 160 years of news in The Straits Times is to type a few keywords into a computer, just like in a Google or Yahoo search on the Internet.

Who is the owner of the Straits Times?

The Straits Times is an English-language daily broadsheet newspaper based in Singapore currently owned by Singapore Press Holdings.

When was the Straits Times first published in Singapore?

The Sunday Times is the Sunday edition of the newspaper. It was established on 15 July 1845 as The Straits Times and Singapore Journal of Commerce.

How many people visit Straits Times a day?

The service, a collaboration between the National Library Board (NLB) and Singapore Press Holdings, pulled in more than 10,000 visitors in June – 13 times more than in March when the service was launched. An NLB spokesman said: “The Straits Times content covers more than 160 years of events and news in Singapore.