How do I contact pureit customer care?

How do I contact pureit customer care?

Contact Us

  1. Call us. You can call us at Pureit National Helpline Number. 1860 210 1000.
  2. Write to us. For queries, escalations and feedback, please call us on 1860-210-1000 or write to [email protected]
  3. Trade Enquiry. For exports & trade enquiries, Email us at : [email protected]

Who is the owner of pureit?

Hindustan Unilever
Pureit is breakthrough innovation designed by Hindustan Unilever and it provides complete protection from all water-borne diseases, unmatched convenience and affordability.

Is pureit Indian company?

Pureit is not just a product, it is the answer to India’s water purification needs. Since its launch, today it has become a well known Water Purifier brand with its presence in over 9 countries. Pureit’s revolutionary products are built using the most innovative technologies like RO, UV, MF and Oxytube.

What is germ kill kit?

Pureit advanced germkill kit contains three parts. First the Activated carbon which removes the harmful pesticides, parasites. The Activated carbon filter fits in the top compartment. In the second phase Germkill processor removes the invisible virus and bacteria.

When should I change my pureit filter?

You need to replace Sediment Filter approximately every 6 months from the date of installation, GKK-1 approximately every 1 year from date of installation and GKK-2 approximately every 2 years from date of installation.

Which is better Kent or pureit?

Most of its purifiers have 7 stages of purification including stages like UV light and Alkaline which are usually absent in the purifiers from the other 2 brands. So,in this comparison, Kent wins. In this comparison, Pureit ranks last on our list as Pureit purifiers come with 4-7 stages of purification method.

Is pureit water safe to drink?

Pureit range of RO water purifiers give you 100% safe drinking water with its advanced 7 stage of RO+UV+MF purification.

How do I book pureit battery?

You need to call the Pureit Helpline (1860-210-1000) number and order for a Germkill Kit™. The Customer care specialist will visit your place and replace the Germkill Kit™ at a nominal cost.

How long does it take Pure to purify water first time?

The flow-rate through the system will typically be in the region of 30-150 ml/min. This means that 9 litres of water would get purified in 1-5 hours, depending on the quality of input water.

Does pureit use chlorine?

In the course of arguments on Thursday, Eureka Forbes (EFL) counsels argued that Pureit uses a strong version of chlorine for purifying water. This form of chlorine, according to Eureka Forbes, is normally used by swimming pools, as it’s long-lasting and continues to purify water over a longer period of time.

Is pureit classic safe?

Is the plastic of the water purifier safe to use? The Pureit system, and the Germkill Kit™ has been made from good quality, food safe, non-toxic engineering plastics.

Is there a toll free number for Pureit?

Pureit Customer Care Number Pureit Customer Support Type:- Contact Number Pureit Toll Free Number 9311587746 Hindustan Unilever Pureit Customer Care 9311587746 Pureit Helpline Number 9311587746 Pureit Customer Care 9311587746

Is there a Pureit service center in Pune?

The address of Pureit service centers in Pune is not known as the company has not published it on their website. However, it does not mean that Pureit has no service centers. Just call the customer care of Pureit and register your complaint/service request. The company will send someone to visit your house/office and service the appliance on site.

How to contact Pureit for UV water purifier?

You can call us at Pureit National Helpline Number 1860 210 1000

Which is the best customer service number for HUL Pureit?

While 1860 210 1000 is the best Pureit helpline number, there are 2 more ways to get in touch their support. The second best method to reach their support team is by emailing your complaint to [email protected] The next best option for customers looking for help is via customer service provided at their service centers.