How do I talk to a person at JetBlue?

How do I talk to a person at JetBlue?

Phone. You can reach JetBlue customer service by calling 800-538-2583 and speaking with a customer service agent to discuss new or existing flight reservations, vacation packages, TrueBlue account information and more.

Does JetBlue accept rapid Covid test?

JetBlue customers also have access to convenient testing at many of our airport terminals, including rapid molecular and PCR testing at XpresCheck locations at Boston, Newark and New York (JFK).

Is JetBlue red or blue at Tampa airport?

Airlines Operating From TPA

Airline Concourse Ticketing and Baggage Claim Area
JetBlue Airways A Blue
Lufthansa F Red
Silver Airways A Red
Southwest Airlines C Red

Is JetBlue in Tampa?

Tampa Bay, FL | JetBlue | JetBlue.

What is the number for JetBlue?

+1 801-449-2525
JetBlue/Customer service

Does JetBlue have good customer service?

With our seventh consecutive J.D. Power Award for Excellence in Customer Service, it’s no secret that we’re doing a great job in delivering something special onboard, and the compliment letters we receive from customers reinforce this. …

Are JetBlue flights refundable Covid?

For JetBlue refundable fares, a full refund is permitted only if the flights were cancelled from the PNR prior to scheduled departure. Flights not cancelled prior to scheduled departure are not eligible for a refund and tickets must remain in OPEN status available for future use.

How early should I arrive for a JetBlue flight?

Customers on domestic flights must be on board the aircraft 15 minutes prior to departure. Customers on international flights must be onboard 20 minutes prior to departure.

Is Delta red or blue in Tampa airport?

Airlines at TPA

Airline PHONE NUMBER Ticketing & Baggage Claim
Delta Air Lines (800) 221-1212 BLUE
Edelweiss Air 0041 848 333 593 RED
Frontier (801) 401-9000 BLUE
Jet Blue (800) 538-2583 (866) 422-2247 for Cuba travel BLUE

How do I get out of Tampa airport?

Tampa International Airport is located just five miles west of downtown Tampa on the east shore of Tampa Bay. Take Interstate 275 North to exit 39 and follow the signs to the airport entrance.

What airline hub is in Tampa?

Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport (TPA)
Location Tampa / Town ‘n’ Country, Florida, U.S.
Opened April 15, 1971
Hub for Silver Airways
Focus city for Breeze Airways Frontier Airlines

How many terminals does Tampa airport have?

TPA Airport has one terminal served by 4 airsides (A, C, E, and F). Tampa Airport lounges can be found in Airsides E and F.

How to contact a JetBlue customer service representative?

You can contact the customer service representative of Jetblue Airways calling Jetblue Airways’s helpline phone numbers. Toll-Free Number: (800) 538-2583 US, Bahamas, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba

How much does it cost to book a JetBlue flight by phone?

Flights booked by phone are subject to a $25 fee. Skip the fee by booking at Please note that some international numbers may not work from mobile phones.

Where can I find the status of my JetBlue flight?

Check the status of your flight by route or flight number. If you’ve received a credit, you can find it in JetBlue’s Travel Bank system.

When to contact JetBlue about a flight delay?

This will happen automatically and there is no need to contact JetBlue. We may not have your contact information so if your flight qualifies for compensation, please contact us seven days or more after your flight’s scheduled departure to inquire about potential compensation. A departure delay is a delay that takes place before boarding.