How do you multiply a fraction with an integer?

How do you multiply a fraction with an integer?

When you’re multiplying fractions by an integer (or a whole number) you multiply the numerator of the fraction by the whole number, whilst the denominator of the fraction stays the same.

What is a rectangular fraction?

The rectangular fraction model is one of the more insightful ways to represent a fraction. We begin with a rectangle that represents the whole amount, and divide it into equal parts. Each part is a unit fraction.

What’s a rectangular model?

In mathematics, an area model is a rectangular diagram or model used for multiplication and division problems, in which the factors or the quotient and divisor define the length and width of the rectangle. Then we add to get the area of the whole, which is the product or quotient.

What is an area model for multiplication?

How do you multiply fractions and whole numbers?

You can follow these steps to multiply a fraction by a whole number:

  1. Write the whole number as a fraction with a denominator of 1.
  2. Multiply the numerators.
  3. Multiply the denominators.
  4. Simplify. , if needed. If your answer is greater than 1, you may want to write your answer as a mixed number.

How do you multiply mixed numbers?

How to Multiply Two Mixed Numbers

  1. Change all the mixed numbers to improper fractions.
  2. Reduce the fractions.
  3. Cross out any common factors.
  4. Multiply the numerators together and the denominators together.
  5. Reduce the answer.

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How do you multiply fractions with a model?

Multiplying Fractions Using Models Models provide solution strategies and make multiplication of fractions with whole numbers easy. Frame the fraction by counting the shaded parts, and multiply by the number of models to find the product.

Are there any printable worksheets for multiplying fractions?

We offer handful of printable worksheets in multiplying fractions worksheets. It covers basic multiplication, picture multiplication, value of quarter and half; multiplication with repeated addition, cross cancellation method to find the product, area model to represent the product, interactive practice problems and more.

What’s the best way to multiply improper fractions?

Multiplying Improper Fractions. Use cross cancellation to multiply the improper fractions. Check for cancellation within the fraction. Multiply the numbers and then reduce the answer to its simplest form.

How to calculate fraction part of a whole?

Use these simple fraction multiplication worksheets to calculate fraction part of a whole or fraction part of a fraction. Find out the missing fraction that gives the resultant number after multiplication with the fraction given. Need special attention and extra care in each worksheet.