How much does a Wintec wide saddle weigh?

How much does a Wintec wide saddle weigh?

But what makes them different is the lighter weight construction and materials, allowing the new WintecLite saddles to weigh in at just nine pounds—half the weight of a traditional saddle!

Can you put a red gullet in a Wintec wide saddle?

Well-Known Member. This post is getting ridiculous now! Standard wintec saddles with changeable gullets will allow up to the XW gullet. The old Wintec Wide/cob saddle will allow the 3 purple gullets and the red and white gullets you can use in the standard saddles.

Do Wintec saddles fit all horses?

The innovative systems in our saddles offer unsurpassed flexibility in achieving an optimal fit, however, no one saddle can claim to fit any horse. It is always recommended you seek ongoing professional advice on the fit and in meeting the unique needs of each horse/rider combination.

What Colour is a Wintec wide gullet?

Since 2006, there has been a change of model name to include Wintec Pro Stock CS, which can now accommodate the full range of six interchangeable gullet plates in the EASY-CHANGE® Gullet System as follows: Narrow – Yellow, Medium Narrow – Green, Medium – Black, Medium Wide – Blue, Wide – Red and Extra Wide – White.

Are Wintec saddles good?

The Wintec 500 AP (All Purpose) is a fabulous saddle for everyday riding, schooling, hacking and great for jumping and dressage too! The saddle provides you with a secure position, and supportive seat, with the comfort and grip of the most supple, and durable leather-look which is very easy to keep clean and maintain.

How do I know if my saddle is treeless?

The leather of the saddle is attached to the tree with staples or small nails. A treeless saddle, however, does not have this solid structure on which the rest of the saddle is built. Treeless saddles come in western, English and trail styles. These types of saddles tend to be more substantial than a simple back pad.

Are wintec and Thorowgood gullets the same?

No absolutely not. They are a different shape, and they wouldn’t connect anyway – also the wintec gullet will cause a flare in the TG and ruin it and cause a pressure point on the horse.

How do you tell if a saddle has a changeable gullet?

Look under the pommel. There will be two large screws, one on either side. Once unscrewed you’ll be able to pull the lining away, it’s attached with Velcro, so you can access the gullet plate.

Are Wintec saddles any good?

It fits her great and it is a wonderfully comfortable saddle. It’s great for teaching new riders as well because the seat is more grippy than a leather saddle, so they can feel more secure at the trot and especially the canter.

How long do Wintec saddles last?

With a Wintec, I would say 8-15 years would be the time I would estimate it should last, depending on how you take care of it.

Are Wintec and Thorowgood gullets the same?

Are Wintec saddles waterproof?

Wintec has always made riding easy and comfortable. Combining world-leading innovations and hi-tech materials in lightweight, weatherproof and easy-care saddles and it’s easy to see why Wintec is the World’s number one synthetic saddle brand!

How big is a Wintec all purpose saddle?

16″ WINTEC Brown All Purpose English Saddle ~ Light Weight!! 17.5″ WINTEC 2000 Black All Purpose English Saddle ~ Light Weight!!

Which is the worlds No 1 synthetic saddle brand?

Wintec is the Worlds No. 1 Synthetic Saddle Brand offering World-leading innovations for horse and rider comfort in easy-care, weatherproof and durable saddles for every discipline, including Dressage, Jump, All Purpose, Eventing, Stock and Endurance.

What’s the new all purpose range for Wintec?

View the new all purpose range! What’s your disipline? Have you heard the news? The Wintec Saddles you know and love… JUST GOT BETTER! Barrel Racing to VICTORY in a…

What kind of Cair panel does Wintec saddle have?

Wintec Saddles feature the CAIR Panel System and EASY-CHANGE Gullet System, offer the ultimate in ease of fitting and performance for your horse. Wintec English Saddles. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.