How to fix Logical drive failure?

How to fix Logical drive failure?

Re: Recovery of logical drive failed Take complete data backup and system state backup. Delete the logical drive and recreate the logical drive and reinstall the operating system. and restore the data. This should solve your problem.

How to enable Logical drive in ssa?

Enable or disable HPE SSD smart path

  1. Open HPE SSA.
  2. Select a controller from the Devices menu. The Actions panel appears.
  3. Under Configure>Logical Devices, choose the array with logical drives.
  4. Click Disable HPE SSD Smart Path.
  5. Click Save.

How do you’re-enable the failed raid in HP hardware?

How to re-enable logical drive or disk in HP Prolient Servers ?

  1. Reset the system and take its console from ILO.
  2. After you press return, the system will take few minutes and will ask below options.
  3. System loads HP SSA screen.
  4. Click on Configure in Actions.
  5. Now select the logical drive which is showing error mark.

How do I enable logical drive in Linux?

To use hpacucli, download and install the latest version of hpacucli rpm from the HP website on your Linux server.

  1. Two ways to execute the command.
  2. Display Controller and Disk Status.
  3. View Controller Status.
  4. View Drive Status.
  5. View Individual Drive Status.
  6. View All Logical Drives.
  7. Create New RAID 0 Logical Drive.

What is logical recovery?

There are two types of recoveries, logical data recovery and physical data recovery. The logical case is simpler and deals with a fully working hard drive, where data was lost due to accidental user actions, a crash by an application or the OS, or even partitioning/formatting of the hard drive by mistake.

How do you check and repair hard drive logic errors and bad sectors?

The best way to keep your HDD in good condition is to use the CHKDSK command utility. This utility scans the hard drive, corrects logical sector errors, marks bad sectors that cannot be fixed, and moves data to safe, healthy places on the hard drive. It’s a handy tool, but it doesn’t operate automatically.

How do I enable SSD smart path?

Enabling or disabling HPE Solid State Drives (SSD) smart path

  1. Open HPE Smart Storage Administrator (SSA)
  2. Open the Configure panel by doing one of the following:
  3. Select a controller from the Devices menu.
  4. Under Configure, Logical Devices, choose the array with logical drives.
  5. Click Disable HPE SSD Smart Path.
  6. Click Save.

What is raid10 ADM?

In RAID 1 (ADM) and RAID 10 (ADM) configurations, data is duplicated to two additional drives. When the array has more than three physical drives, drives are mirrored in trios, and the fault-tolerance method is known as RAID 10 (ADM).

How do I extend my logical drive?

Method 1. Extend logical partition via Disk Part

  1. ● list volume.
  2. ● select volume 4 (change the volume number that is with the adjacent partition)
  3. ● delete volume (the volume will be deleted)
  4. ● selected volume 3 (change the volume numeber that you want to extend)

How do I create a logical drive?

Creating a logical drive

  1. From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration > controller > Array Configuration > Manage Arrays > array > Create Logical Drive.
  2. In the Create Logical Drive screen, select the RAID level, and then click Proceed to next Form.

Why is my HP ProLiant dl380 Gen9 logical drive has failed?

After that, the server can either boot to the OS and neither find the driver, it says that the driver is disabled and all the data has been lost. But when I access the interface used to manage the arrays and the drives (HP Enterprise Smart Storage Administrator).

What does it mean when a logical drive fails?

“logical drive # 1 raid 5 status failed and cannot be used. All data on this logical drive has been lost.” Any chance of saving it or am I done? Like it says “All data is lost.” When any RAID array fails, the data is lost. This isn’t a degraded array, this means that it went past that stage to total failure.

How can I restore my hp logical drive?

Connect the disk-drive. Reconnect the AC power. Reboot, and look for a prompt like “press to enter RAID setup”. Use that “setup” to “add” the new disk-drive into the existing (but “broken”) array. Exit from setup. Boot Windows. Launch the RAID-monitoring software on the computer. It should show “rebuilding”, and “1% complete”.

How to repair failed logical drives on hp smartarray P400?

Follow the prompts at the BIOS array screen and choose the F2 option to “reenable all logical drives”. This may kickstart the rebuild process. Otherwise, it’s a rebuild/recovery with new disks.