Is Rufus King a good high school?

Is Rufus King a good high school?

With a strong focus on academics, activities and diversity, Rufus King International High School is consistently a top-rated Wisconsin public high school (U.S. News & World Report and the Washington Post).

Is Rufus King a private school?

Rufus King International High School, or Rufus King, is a public magnet high school located on the north side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, part of the Milwaukee Public Schools district. …

How do you apply to Rufus King?

Applications may be mailed or faxed to Rufus King International Middle school. Eligible students can register to “shadow” a student at Rufus King Middle School. Students will attend classes, participate in activities and have lunch with a student ambassador. Pre-registration is required.

How many students are at Rufus King High School?

1,525 (2007)
Rufus King High School/Total enrollment

Who is Rufus King High school named after?

The school received its name from the great general and statesman, Rufus King, who was editor and part owner of the Milwaukee Sentinel from 1845 to 1861. Though graduated from West Point, he disliked army life and became the Sentinel’s editor when was only 30 years old.

How many public high schools are in Milwaukee?

38 high schools
Milwaukee School District contains 38 high schools.

Who is Rufus King High School named after?

Was Rufus King a federalist?

Throughout his political career, Rufus King remained a loyal and prominent member of the Federalist Party, and was the party’s last presidential candidate in 1816.

What was Rufus King’s opinion on slavery?

The southern states would never accept it. They would refuse to be part of the United States. Rufus King of Massachusetts said the convention should consider slavery only as a political matter.

How did Rufus King feel about slavery?

King had a long history of opposition to the expansion of slavery and the slave trade. He referred to slavery as a “nefarious institution.” In 1817, he supported Senate action to abolish the domestic slave trade and, in 1819, spoke strongly for the antislavery amendment to the Missouri statehood bill.

What is the best school in Milwaukee?

Here is a rundown of local schools that made the top 25.

  • High School of Health Sciences.
  • Whitefish Bay High School.
  • Eisenhower Middle/High School.
  • Cedarburg High School.
  • Carmen High School of Science and Technology.
  • Brookfield East High School.
  • Reagan College Preparatory High.
  • Shorewood High School.

What is the largest high school in Milwaukee?

Largest Public High Schools in the Milwaukee Area

  • Arrowhead High School. Public School.
  • Indian Trail High School & Academy. Kenosha School District, WI.
  • Oak Creek High School.
  • Hapa-Hmong American Peace Academy K3-12.
  • Case High School.
  • Oconomowoc High School.
  • Muskego High School.
  • Tremper High School.