What caliber is reloader 19 Good For?

What caliber is reloader 19 Good For?

Alliant’s Reloder 19 is great for all standard rifles as well as most light magnum rifles. Reloder 19 is the ideal choice for both . 338 and . 30-06 calibers.

What is reloader 19 used for?

Provides superb accuarcy in most medium and heavy rifle loads and is the powder of choice for . 30-06 and . 338 calibers.

Is reloader 19 a ball powder?

Reloader 19 and 22 are great powders. My best . 30-06 loads were using 19.

Is reloader 19 temperature sensitive?

It is an accurate powder but it is temperature sensitive.

What type of powder is IMR 4350?

IMR 4350 is a medium- to slow-burn rate propellant and is the number one choice for the new short magnums, both Remington and Winchester versions. For magnums with light- to medium-bullet weights, IMR 4350 is the best choice.

What type of powder is IMR 4064?

burn speed powder
IMR 4064 is a medium-range burn speed powder and is one of the most versatile propellant in the IMR line, used for 223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, 220 Swift, 6mm Remington, 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum, 308 Winchester, 338 Winchester Magnum, and the list goes on and on. Versatility with uniformity and accuracy.

Is rl19 temp stable?

It is stable for a wide range of temperatures -20 F to 85. It is not the easiest powder to run through a drop type measure, but it isn’t bad if you trickle the last few kernels.

How good is Norma powder?

Norma powder is the product of the ammunition company of the same name — famous for its excellent component brass in reloading circles, as well as the performance of their ammo — and is excellent stuff.

Where is Norma powder?

Developed in Sweden, Norma Powders will now be offered wherever Western Powders’ products are sold.

What does IMR 4350 load?

IMR 4350 is primarily used for the newest short magnum cartridges in the industry but also used for silhouette shooting. Also for magnums with light to medium bullet weights, IMR 4350 is the best choice.

How many loads are in a 308 Winchester?

.308 Winchester (Lee Precision Reloading Data) reloading data with 578 loads. Using bullets from Jacketed Bullet, Barnes X, Winchester Fail Safe, Lead Bullet. Powders include Vihtavuori, Hodgdon, Winchester, Accurate, Alliant, IMR, Vectan Reloading Data .308 Winchester (Lee Precision Reloading Data) Metallic Home About Us Cartridge of the Month

What kind of powder is used in Reloder 19?

Reloder® 19. Rifle Powders. Smokeless heavy rifle powder. Provides superb accuarcy in most medium and heavy rifle loads and is the powder of choice for .30-06 and .338 calibers. Powder of choice for 270, .30-06 and .338. Excellent metering.

What kind of RE15 do I need for 308?

43.3gr RE15, Federal or LC brass, 210M, 175SMK gets me 2725fps from my 22″ Schneider barrel. inode I just chronod 10 rds of 45.0gr RL15 178Amax last weekend and it was only doing 2660. My load is 44.8 with a 178Amax it is over the max but no sticky bolt but the primmers are a tad flat.

What’s the average reloading weight of a rl15?

43.0 of the RL15 in a 171 grain (average) brass weight is basically the M118LR load. Always a winner seated at 2.81. Holy smoke; Today, I was at the range testing a couple of RE15 loads for my 5R 24″ Remington.