What did Ron say about Eloise Midgen?

What did Ron say about Eloise Midgen?

“I’d rather go alone than with – with Eloise Midgen, say.” “Her acne’s loads better lately – and she’s really nice.” “Her nose’s off-centre,” said Ron.

What is midgen?

Midgen berries (Austromyrtus dulcis) are sometimes referred to as sand berry, as they are a native bush food occurring naturally along Australia’s coastal regions. Midgen berry plants have ovate, dark green leaves. The foliage is rich in oil, giving the leaves a gorgeous sheen.

Who is Fay Dunbar?

Fay Dunbar (b. c. 1978/1979) was a witch and Gryffindor student who aspired to become a member of the Auror Office. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1990s. Fay hoped to become an Auror. It is unknown if she fulfilled her dream after graduating from Hogwarts.

What happened Eloise Midgen?

Eloise was withdrawn from Hogwarts by her father, in early September, 1996, as the public’s fear about the threat posed by Lord Voldemort’s return mounted.

Who cast a memory charm on Marietta?

Kingsley Shacklebolt
This activated a jinx that caused boils to erupt on Marietta’s face, and a Memory Charm was later placed on her by Kingsley Shacklebolt to prevent her from fully incriminating her fellow D.A. members.

Is midgen Berry edible?

Midgen Berry. An Australian native shrub with a spreading habit, that produces a profusion of small white flowers in spring and summer, followed by brownish-white, edible berries.

Where do midgen berries grow?

Austromyrtus dulcis, known as Midgen Berry, occurs commonly from around Valla, New South Wales, to Fraser Island, Queensland, as a spreading shrub up to 2 m tall. Its most frequent occurrence is in sandy soils in heath, scrub or open forests and occasionally on the margins of rainforests.

Who shares a room with Hermione?

Lavender just did something to Hermione. Granted, the three-way awkwardness that was Ron’s snog-fest with Lavender couldn’t have helped matters, but Lavender was pushing Hermione’s buttons well before that. Add to that the fact that the Gryffindor girls had to share a room for, like, seven years.

What does the Gryffindor common room look like?

The common room was a circular room where Gryffindor students could relax after a long day of studying. It was full of squashy armchairs, tables, and a bulletin board where school notices, ads, lost posters, etc. The common room was decorated in several shades of red, which was associated with the house.

Does Cho Chang get married?

J. K. Rowling revealed that Cho married a Muggle during a Q&A session following a reading in New Orleans as part of her tour of U.S. schools. Their name and gender however were not revealed.

Is Prostanthera rotundifolia edible?

There are no edible uses listed for Prostanthera rotundifolia.

How old was Eloise Midgen in Harry Potter?

Eloise Midgen (b. 2 June 1980) was a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the 1990s. Ron: ” I’d rather go alone than with — with Eloise Midgen, say.

Why did Eloise Midgen have her nose reattached?

In 1994 as a result of trying to use a curse to get rid of her pimples, she ended up needing to have her nose reattached, leaving her nose permanently off-centre, but her acne did start to clear, at least for a while.

Where did the name Eloise Midgen come from?

This name was borne in the 12th century by Saint Eloise, the wife of the French theologian Peter Abelard. She became a nun after her husband was castrated by her uncle. Eloise Midgen appeared briefly in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In the scene, Professor McGonagall teaches the Gryffindors to dance for the Yule Ball.

Where was Eloise Midgen in the Goblet of fire?

Although presented as a Gryffindor in the Goblet of Fire film, she is widely believed by fans to have been in Hufflepuff, due to the familiarity with which Hannah Abbott referred to her in the Goblet of Fire novel.