What is a cabinet skin panel?

What is a cabinet skin panel?

Skin panels are decorative coverings used in kitchen design for aesthetic appeal. Skin panels cover the unfinished sides of the cabinet so that they will match the paint or stain chosen for your cabinet doors. skin panels are . 025” thick and finished on one side to match the rest of your cabinetry.

What is a base cabinet skin?

The base skin of a kitchen cabinet is the recessed area between the bottom of the base cabinet and the floor. The base skin is the attractive trim that reaches from the bottom of the cabinet to the floor.

What is a base cabinet end panel?

An end panel is the decorative surface piece used to make the exposed end of a base or top cabinet run look more appealing. The incorporation of base moldings or corbels used throughout the cabinetry should be incorporated in the end panel’s design to complete the overall look.

Can you paint cabinet skins?

Painting. Change the color of both wood veneer and laminate cabinets by painting them. This will require a base coat of a bonding primer, which is designed for glossy surfaces. It helps to lightly sand the surface first, although you can find bonding primers designed for surfaces that can’t be sanded.

How thick is cabinet end panel?

END PANELS: Standard: Nominal 1/2” thick multi-ply birch veneer plywood dadoed to receive tops and bottoms, with wood grained or laminate on interior/exterior surfaces. All end panels are inserted into dado in face frame and recessed 3/16”.

What is a finished end on a cabinet?

This end game attaches an actual door to the side of your cabinet but fixes it so that it is purely decorative and not functional. This can take the form of a fixed full height door, or a fixed drawer and door to match the front of the cabinet.

What goes on the bottom of cabinets?

Light Rail Molding is used to finish the bottom of wall cabinets. It can function as a trim to conceal under-cabinet lighting fixtures and provide a barrier from the light glare, or simply serve as a decorative enhancement.

What is the trim under cabinets called?

Cabinet moulding, sometimes spelled cabinet molding, is a long, narrow decorative piece of wood that is used to give cabinetry a customized look. It can be used to cover the space between the cabinets and the ceiling, installed atop or below a cabinet, or inserted into the cabinet front.