What is panache mean in English?

What is panache mean in English?

1 : an ornamental tuft (as of feathers) especially on a helmet The palace guard had a panache on his helmet. 2 : dash or flamboyance in style and action : verve flashed his … smile and waved with the panache of a big-city mayor— Joe Morgenstern.

How do you use panache in a sentence?

Panache in a Sentence 🔉

  1. As a master chef, Gordon executes each dish with panache.
  2. Danielle always wears her stylish outfits with panache.
  3. Each morning, the fashionable young man chooses a colorful tie to add panache to one of his many suits.

What part of speech is panache?

​noun uncountable. UK /pəˈnæʃ/ DEFINITIONS1. an impressive way of doing something that shows great skill and confidence. The first few songs are played with typical panache.

How do you pronounce panache?

The word is pronounced ‘pe-NASH’ with the stress on the second syllable. When you do something with panache, you do it with flair and confidence.

Is panache a good thing?

The epitome of panache and the reason for its establishment as a virtue are found in Edmond Rostand’s depiction of Cyrano de Bergerac, in his 1897 play of that name. Prior to Rostand, panache was not necessarily a good thing and was seen by some as a suspect quality.

What is a panache food?

Panache in cooking means simply a mixture of two or more main ingredients with different colors, flavors or shapes. For example; Panache of Lobster and Crayfish or Panache of Peas and Carrots.

What is panache Quarkus?

Panache is a Quarkus-specific library that simplifies the development of your Hibernate-based persistence layer. Similar to Spring Data JPA, Panache handles most of the repetitive boilerplate code for you.

How do you pronounce cachet?

How do you pronounce cachet? Cache and cash are pronounced the same, but cachet is pronounced \cash-AY. Cachet and cache share the same origin, the French cacher “to press, hide”; cash, however, comes from a different root, the Latin word for “chest” (capsa).

What is a panache dessert?

Incredibly dense chocolate cake, layered with rich chocolate mousse, topped with creamy chocolate ganache.

What are panache vegetables?

A premium vegetable mix made up of broccoli, carrot, red capsicum, baby corn and sugar snap peas.

What is Java panache?