What is the difference between a slim tree and a pencil tree?

What is the difference between a slim tree and a pencil tree?

A pencil tree is even narrower than a slim tree and has a sharp profile. This unique Christmas tree shape doesn’t take too much floor space and is available in heights of up to 12 feet. It also adds cheer to small spaces like reading nooks.

Are there real pencil trees?

Most Realistic Pencil Tree: National Tree 7.5 Foot ‘Feel Real’ Prescott Pine. It has a very nice fullness with 973 branch tips and, like most realistic trees, has traditional needle branches at the center of the tree since they give better coverage to hide the pole. This tree comes pre-lit with 350 clear lights.

What are the skinny Christmas trees called?

White Spruce Cypress trees grow in a tall narrow shape and are most commonly used as shrubbery or privacy trees. If you’re looking for a unique Christmas tree this year, Cypress might be your best option.

What size is a slim Christmas tree?

The Slim Christmas Tree This means that Slim sized trees are thinner than their Narrow cousin. Slim trees usually have a base diameter ranging from 29-40 inches. The base diameter will depend on the height of the tree which can range from 5 feet to 12 feet.

How many lights do I need for a 6ft slim Christmas tree?

In summary, for a 6ft tree we recommend 300 bulbs or 15 metres of lights. If you’re a fairy light lover, double up or mix and match for extra sparkle.

What is the best pencil tree?

Top 9 Pencil Slim Christmas Trees

  • 7.5ft Flocked Pencil Slim Christmas Tree.
  • Pre-Lit Lexington Slim 7′ Flocked Fir Artificial Christmas Tree 1,400 Warm White Lights.
  • 7.5 ft.
  • 7.5 ft Slim Frasier Fir Tree with 350 Lights.
  • 7.5 ft.
  • White Fir Pencil Tree (Pre-lit)
  • 4.5ft Pre-Lit Pencil Kingswood Fir Tree.

Where is National Tree Company located?

Cranford, New Jersey
Founded in 1990 and based in Cranford, New Jersey, National Tree is the recognized leader in the design, procurement, sale distribution and fulfillment of seasonal decor products, specializing in the Christmas Holiday.

What is the best type of tree for a Christmas tree?

The Fraser fir is considered by many to be the perfect holiday tree. It boasts attractive one-inch needles that are silvery-green and soft to the touch, making it the ideal varietal for families with pets or young children who tend to handle their tree.

Which type of Christmas tree smells best?

The Balsam fir is the most fragrant of the trees, making it the most popular Christmas tree variety. They’re durable and have short, flat, dark green needles.

How wide are most Christmas trees?

56 to 64 inches wide
Here are some common widths: Full or regular: Most full trees are 7 to 7 1/2-feet tall and 56 to 64 inches wide.