What kind of radio does a Becker Europa 5 use?

What kind of radio does a Becker Europa 5 use?

Becker Europa 5 button AM/FM radio for classic Mercedes. Read description Becker Mexico Cassette AM FM Vintage Mercedes Ferrari 485 Cassette. Becker Mexico Cassette AM FM Vintage Mercedes Cassette. Only 1 left! Only 1 left!

What kind of cars have Becker auto radios?

Becker auto radios are world renowned for their top-class quality and high-end sound rendition. In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s Becker radios were offered as a factory option in Mercedes-Benz cars. Becker auto radios were usually fitted in the most exclusive automobiles of the period.

Which is Becker radio plug for Mercedes 300SL?

Becker Radio Speaker plug – Large type, for Europa TG and other models. Mercedes 300SL – 198Ch. & 186 188 189Ch. Adenauer – Chrome Speaker Grille Share your knowledge of this product with other customers…

What kind of services are available for Becker radio?

Services available for radios below are repair, full restoration, or fully restored outright purchase. Restorations are our specialty. Maybe that’s because we have been around since these classics were under warranty.

Where can I find a Becker radio manual?

Go to look under “whats new” and you can select the manual that you require. (Listed under model codes (found on the side of the radio or on the radio code card) not the Audio name) Thanks I we been looking for the same thing, actually have looked at that site several times.

Where is the input adapter on a Becker?

The input adapter is discretely located in your vehicle and allows third party audio connections, like a satellite radio or iPod direct connection while maintaining the full stock appearance of your classic Mercedes Becker radio.

Why does Becker car radio control Sony changers?

This is true because Becker radio after changing firmware (not always necessary to do so) control Sony changers. Only that if a lot of features does not work too well (eg, volume control and tone correction, depending on speed). Another interesting feature is the existence of the radio piece for hands-free mobile phone.