Which storage types does SAP HANA support for data?

Which storage types does SAP HANA support for data?

Topics: Cloud Storage, Database, Azure NetApp Files, Elementary. SAP HANA enables you to store relational column-oriented data in the cloud and on-premises. You can use SAP HANA to store application data and perform advanced analytics, spatial data processing, and extract, transform, load (ETL) processes.

What are the data types supported in SQL script in SAP HANA?

SAP HANA supports 7 categories of SQL data types and it depends on the type of data you have to store in a column.

  • Numeric.
  • Character/ String.
  • Boolean.
  • Date Time.
  • Binary.
  • Large Objects.
  • Multi-Valued.

What data types can SAP HANA natively store and process?

SAP HANA Native Storage Extension

  • Hot data is used to store mission-critical data for real-time processing and analytics.
  • Warm data is primarily used to store mostly read-only data that need not be accessed frequently.
  • Cold data is used to store read-only data, with very infrequent access requirements.

What database does SAP HANA use?

The SAP HANA database supports SQL (JDBC/ODBC), MDX (ODBO), and BICS (SQL DBC). BICS is a SAP HANA-specific SQL Script language that is an extension to SQL that can be used to push down data-intensive application logic into the SAP HANA database (similar to Oracle stored procedures).

Which are the 3 main system components of SAP HANA?

An SAP HANA system is composed of three main components: the host, the system, and the instance. A host is the operating environment in which the SAP HANA database runs. The host provides all the resources and services (CPU, memory, network, and operating system) that the SAP HANA database requires.

How does SAP HANA store data?

There are two types of Relational data stores in SAP HANA: Row Store and Column Store. It is same as Traditional database e.g. (Oracle, SQL Server). The only difference is that all data is stored in row storage area in memory of SAP HANA, unlike a traditional database, where data is stored in Hard Drive.

What is Cs_fixed in Hana?

CS_FIXED(p-s,s) Precision p can range from 1 to 38. The scale s can range from 0 to p for SAP HANA decimal data type. If precision and scale are not specified, DECIMAL becomes a floating-point decimal number.

How do I declare a variable in Hana?

Sap hana local variables are declared either in the procedure header or in the procedure body. A variable is initially created using the DECLARE keyword followed with the variable name and data type. Values can either be initialized as part as the variable declaration or in the procedure body.


Most RDBMS database uses SQL as database language, the reason of being popular is – it is powerful, vendor independent and standardized. SAP HANA also supports SQL. In SAP HANA, SQL is the main database language.

What are SAP HANA components?

Components of SAP HANA Architecture

  1. Index Server. The Index Server is the main server of SAP HANA architecture which has the data storage (having the actual data) and processing engine.
  2. Name Server.
  3. Pre-processor Server.
  4. Statistical Server.
  5. SAP HANA Studio Repository.
  6. XS Engine.

What are some features of SAP HANA?

SAP HANA Capabilities

  • Database Services. Simplify your IT landscape and reduce data management burdens with a unique and enterprise-proven database platform.
  • Multi-Model Processing with Advanced Analytics.
  • Application Development.
  • Data Virtualisation.

Is SAP HANA a hybrid database?

SAP HANA is Hybrid In-memory database. It combines row based, column based and Object Oriented base technology. It uses parallel processing with multicore CPU Architecture.

Is there way to import data from HANA database?

Select File – Define the source file.

  • File Encoding – Use the default encoding.
  • Field Delimiter – Define the source file delimiter.
  • Header row exists – Check this if there is header exists and set number of header row.
  • Import all data – Check this to import the data and define the start line.
  • How does SAP HANA stores data?

    Storing data in SAP HANA is quite different from doing so in a traditional disk-based database. The first and most obvious point is that SAP HANA is a relational database management system (RDBMS), where data is stored entirely in memory , instead of relational data being stored entirely on spinning disks.

    What is SAP HANA used for?

    a. Aerospace and defence. SAP HANA is used in aerospace and defence by U.S. Navy as they rely on Newport News which uses SAP HANA to gather information about nuclear-aircraft carriers and create 3D models using it. Also, Airbus uses S/4 HANA for instant information processing, analysis and reporting.