Who won the NASCAR Camping World Truck race today?

Who won the NASCAR Camping World Truck race today?

Austin Hill
Austin Hill wins shortened Trucks regular-season finale at Watkins Glen. Race leader Austin Hill was declared the winner of Saturday’s United Rentals 176 at the famed Watkins Glen International road course after lightning in the immediate area forced the field to stop on pit road 11 laps from the scheduled race finish.

Who drives the Camping World NASCAR car?

The 2021 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is the 27th season of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, a stock car racing series sanctioned by NASCAR in the United States….Complete schedule.

Manufacturer Ford
Team David Gilliland Racing
No. 1
Race driver Hailie Deegan (R)
Crew chief Mike Hillman Jr.

Is there still a NASCAR Truck Series?

Just like the Cup series, the Truck Series’ 2020 season was interrupted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic but eventually resumed, running a reconfigured, but still full 23-race schedule. …

How much horsepower do the Camping World Trucks have?

about 750 horsepower
NASCAR Camping World Truck Series: The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series was created in 1995. It features souped-up pickup trucks with engines that produce about 750 horsepower. Trucks are capable of going about 180 mph on certain tracks.

How much do Nascar drivers make?

The salaries of Nascar Drivers in the US range from $21,364 to $577,997 , with a median salary of $103,858 . The middle 57% of Nascar Drivers makes between $103,862 and $260,376, with the top 86% making $577,997.

What is the difference between Nascar trucks and cars?

While the Sprint Cup races on a mix of ovals, as well as two road courses, the Truck series is predominantly on intermediate oval tracks, with a few speedways, short tracks, road courses and dirt tracks in the mix too. Ford, GM and Toyota are all represented in the Truck championship, like the Sprint Cup.

Who drives the number 1 truck in Nascar?

2021 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Drivers

Chase Briscoe 04 Ford
Hailie Deegan 1 Chevrolet
Jennifer Cobb 10 Chevrolet

Is NASCAR bigger than Formula 1?

With Formula 1 attendance achieving around 4 million people per year in total, and NASCAR achieving around 3.5 million people per year. According to statistics the global TV viewership’s for Formula 1 in 2019 stood at 471 million.