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Are refurbished Mac minis good?

Are refurbished Mac minis good?

For simple home computing, a Mac mini that’s refurbished is a no-brainer. These devices offer incredible speeds, plenty of power and storage, and are backed by Apple’s slick operating system. Combine that with reliable hardware that will last you for years, you have a great computer on your hands.

Is Mac mini 2011 still supported?

Apple recently updated its list of vintage and obsolete products to include the Mac Mini released in 2011. That means the device is no longer supported by Apple, thus it won’t be qualified for service or repairs.

What can I do with my old Mac mini 2011?

Unless you want to turn it into a home decor item, you could use at least these 7 creative ways to turn it into something new.

  1. Install Linux on your old Mac.
  2. Make your old Apple laptop a Chromebook.
  3. Make a network-attached system out of your old Mac.
  4. Create an emergency Wi-Fi hotspot.
  5. Sell or recycle your old Mac.

Does Apple sell refurbished Mac mini?

Apple’s refurbished products are pre-owned devices that are thoroughly inspected, tested, cleaned, and in the case of the Mac mini, repackaged with the power cord in the box. Apple’s refurbished Macs are covered by a one-year limited warranty and have a 14-day return policy.

Is Apple refurbished worth it Reddit?

They’re just as good as a “new” product. They come with the standard factory warranty and are eligible for AppleCare. Make the purchase…you won’t regret it. Every single apple device I own/have owned (except for my iPhone) was purchased through the refurb service.

Is it possible to buy an Apple Mac mini?

The Apple Mac mini is perfect for users who want to operate with macOS, but in a small and quiet package. Originally marketed as Apple’s most affordable computer option, you can save big by purchasing a used Mac mini serviced by our refurbishment experts.

What should I know about a refurbished Mac?

Discover what goes into each refurbished Mac. about each refurbished Mac. Discover what goes into each refurbished Mac. Learn more about each refurbished Mac.

What kind of processor does a Mac mini have?

Only 3 left in stock – order soon. (Renewed) Apple Mac Mini Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 Processor 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 802.11AC WiFi, Bluetooth, RJ45, Mini Displayport, USB 3.1, HDMI, 2.9lb, Mac OS, Besvvy 64GB USB Flash Drive .