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Does obey run big or small?

Does obey run big or small?

Thanks in advance. i but obey all the time and they always run pretty small.

Does Obey Clothing run big?

The 100% cotton heavyweight shirts run about true to size or a bigger. Cotton spun shirts are a bit slim. Hit me up if you want more info on obey shirts I know a thing or two about them I own more than 50 of them.

What size is 52 in sweatshirt?


Size Width Length
S 52 68
M 56 71
L 60 74

What size is 34 sweatshirt?

Men’s Hoodies & Sweatshirts Size Guide

Size Chest Measurement
Inches CM
XXS 32-34 81-86
XS 34-36 86-91
S 36-38 91-96

Is obey a cool brand?

Among them was OBEY. Created by American street artist Shepard Fairey, OBEY was one of the hottest streetwear brands around. Also featuring prints of Fairey’s original artwork, OBEY was an instant hit among skaters and streetwear kids.

What size should I get for an oversized hoodie?

Pick a hoodie that is 2 sizes larger than your usual size if you want an oversized look. If you are tall, you might need to pick a hoodie that is 3-4 sizes larger than your usual size in order for it to be long enough. Try the hoodie on before you buy it to check that it is a comfortable fit.

How do I know my sweatshirt size?

Sweater sizes are based on your body measurements – generally your bust or chest circumference. To find these measurements, measure around the fullest part of your bust or chest area. You’ll want to measure over a lightweight shirt (which includes a bra, if applicable).

What age is size 34?

7-8 yrs 28 28
9-10 yrs 30 30
11-12 yrs 32 32
13 yrs 34 34

Who wears Obey clothing?

Shepard Fairey
Who is Shepard Fairey? Born in 1970, Fairey is an American artist that found his roots in the world of skateboarding. If his work looks familiar, it’s probably because of that Obey tee you used to own.

Should I size down in oversized?

Buy it in your usual size. The word “oversized” means that the cut is just that, oversized. This is deliberate and meant to fit loosely. If you go down a size, it will still fit but will not have the intended, loose look.