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How do I fix Battlefield 3?

How do I fix Battlefield 3?

You can as well try to repair the game, by doing the following: Origin Client > Right-Click Battlefield 3 > Click Repair and Origin will re-download and re-install the game with new patches and updates.

Why is my DirectX not installing?

Method 1: Enable . A good reason for DirectX is not installing is because . NET Framework is not enabled on your PC. To enable it: Download the DirectX version installer you need from here.

How do you bypass the check date on Need for Speed The Run?

Re: Need for Speed the Run Release date check failed error To power-cycle, simply unplug the power cable for your modem and router from the power outlet on your wall and leave them unplugged for at least thirty seconds. Once powered off for thirty seconds, plug the modem in again.

When did Battlefield 3 release?

25 October 2011
Battlefield 3/Initial release dates
Battlefield 3 is launching this fall, on October 25th. The battle rages on, and this installment promises to deliver the most epic, realistic, intense combat experience to date.

Why can’t I join a Battlefield 3 server?

Fully quit BF3 in the Xbox One menu by hovering on the game and using the ||| button and select quit. Go back to that same menu and select Manage Game. Go down to saved data and delete all saved data for BF3. Relaunch BF3 and try the server again.

Are Battlefield 3 servers down?

EA: Battlefield 3 servers not shutting down, they’re being rented – Polygon.

What to do if you cant play Battlefield 3 on DirectX?

Close uncesassy background programs and remove files that you don’t use to clear up space. Try to go to the Origin’s games -> Battlefield 3 -> Installer -> Directx -> Redist, then run dxsetup. Report back here again with further details. – Sincerely, Timmie. Re: Can’t play Battlefield 3! DirectX Error

Why is the DXGI function failed in battlefield3?

I upgrade my computer to Windows8.1 on yesterday and change system language area to Taiwan. And I can’t launch Battlefield3 anymore by Origin and system show below error message: DirectX function “m_dxgiFactory->CreateSwapChain ( m_device,&sd, &m_swapChain.assignGet ())” failed

Can you install Battlefield 3 on Windows 8 Pro?

After not playing for a while, I uninstalled it and after upgrading to Windows 8 Pro (not a fresh install) I decided to install BF3 again. The download goes smooth but the instalation takes forever (last night I left for 2+ hours and nothing).

Can you play battlefield3 after change language area?

Battlefield3 can be launched and played after change system language area to English US. Please help me to solve this problem …. I don’t wanna to install OS again …. thanks.