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How do I pay my Fesco bill online?

How do I pay my Fesco bill online?

Pay Online: You can also pay the bill online through any bank. You can get internet banking details from your bank branch, and then download the bank app, and pay your bills conveniently. In addition to bank accounts, you can even pay your FESCO bijli Bill using EasyPaisa or JazzCash.

How can I check my electricity bill online in Pakistan?

Simply download the application, select the distributor according to your location, enter your reference number and you are good to go.

  1. Link to App: Electricity Bill Checker Pakistan.
  2. Website: IESCO.
  3. Website: LESCO.
  4. Website: K Electric.
  5. Website: SEPCO.
  6. Website: MEPCO.
  7. Website: GEPCO.
  8. Website: PESCO.

What is meant by detection bill?

Detection bill for dishonest abstraction of electricity is assessed strictly in accordance with the provisions of section 26-A of the Electricity Act, 1910. Slowness is only attributed to mechanical or technical faults where ascertained that element of dishonest abstraction or consumption of energy is not involved.

How do I complain to Fesco?

How to register complaint at FESCO:

  1. You can file your complaint online by online form which is available on FESCO form.
  2. Open the form, enter your full name.
  3. Enter your address.
  4. Select your country and your city.
  5. Enter your cell phone and CNIC.
  6. At the last, select the agency and sub-office.

How do I get my old Pesco bill?

How can I get duplicate PESCO bill? You can get pesco duplicate bill at by entering 14 digit reference number. Can I check pesco e bill without reference number? You can not check pesco bill with name, cnic, address or meter number.

How do I find my old iesco bill?

You can check iesco online bill at by entering 14 digit reference number.

How do I check my Pesco bill online?

Here are steps to check pesco bill online:

  1. Visit website.
  2. Enter 14 digit reference number.
  3. Now you will the latest bill amount with due date.
  4. Click on ‘View Full Bill’ to see complete bill or download copy of the bill.

How do I get a copy of my iesco bill?

How to Get IESCO Duplicate Bill:

  1. First of all, you need to open the browser and open IESCO Site
  2. The new tab will open and command you to enter the 14 digits reference number without any space and submit it.
  3. After clicking submit button the copy of the bill will be displayed.

How can I get previous iesco bill?

You can also get your bill from www iesco com pk but has better interface and supports all mobile devices so that you can view your bills easily. So, enter your 14 digit reference number above to get your bill for the month of August 2021, or September 2021 or the previous month of July 2021.

How can I register online complaint in Wapda?

Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS)

  1. is the online complaint management system where you can register your complaint through a web portal.
  2. Online CCMS provides you the facility to.

How do I complain to Pesco?

Complaint Cell

  1. Billing Complaints: [email protected].
  2. Theft Reporting: [email protected].
  3. Other Complaints: [email protected].

Where can I pay my FESCO utility bill?

Offline Payment: You can pay your FESCO utility bill in all the branches of commercial banks and post offices. The printed copy of bill is necessary for offline payment. Pay Online: You can also pay the bill online through any bank.

How to get free of cost SMS from FESCO?

FESCO is pleased to announce our new free of cost SMS service to facilitate our valuable customers about electricity supply and billing information. Enter the 14 digits Reference No. code without spaces from your Electricity Bill & your Mobile number. This information will be used for FESCO’s internal records.

What does FESCO stand for in Faisalabad?

FESCO Stands for Fasilabad Electricity Company.FESCO is an electric distribution company which supplies electricity to Faisalabad and other regions, districts which comes under.

How to get a duplicate FESCO WAPDA Bill?

Currently need to have the reference number in order to get duplicate fesco wapda bill online, otherwise you can visit the nearest customer services office and ask for your bill via cnic number or any other related document. This website is quite handy to check your latest bill in June 2021.