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How fast was the 69 Boss 429?

How fast was the 69 Boss 429?

Top speed was rated at 118 mph, but cars that were unrestricted have been said to hit as much as 170 to 175 mph on an otherwise stock setup.

How much horsepower does a 1969 Mustang Boss 429 have?

815 hp
But for your money, you get a lot more than a 1969 Mustang made to look like a Boss 429. Under the hood, CR adds a 546-cubic-inch (8.9 liter) V-8 crate engine that makes 815 hp. A Tremec manual transmission comes standard, but an automatic is also available.

How much horsepower did the Boss 429 really have?

375 hp
The Boss 429 engine was a monstrous big-block, forcing changes to the front shock towers and bracing. Rated at a conservative 375 hp and 450-lb. ft.

How fast is a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429?


0 – 100 kph 5.4 s
0 – 60 mph 5.1 s
1/4 mile 13.6 s @ 106.3 mph
Top speed 237 kph (147 mph)

Is the Boss 429 a Hemi?

The racing engine dubbed the Boss 429, was an aluminum hemi-head engine design with gigantic ports and valves for high rpm use. The high-torque 429 engine was used in the big Fords and Thunderbirds starting in 1968, then in 1970 a high-performance version was used in the Ford Torinos and Mustangs.

How much is a 69 Boss 429 worth?

According to Hagerty’s valuation tool, a Boss 429 is worth $200,000 on average. Even in “fair” condition, they can go for over $140,000.

What is a 429 Cobra Jet engine worth?

If it’s a Super Cobra Jet (4 bolt mains, etc), it’s easily worth significantly more than $10K. A regular CJ 429 is tough to tell.

What to know about the 1969 Mustang Boss 429?

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429: Ultimate In-Depth Guide 1 A Look Of Authority. The Boss 429 carried a seriously aggressive appearance, which few could overlook. 2 A Basic, Yet Refined Interior. 3 The Hemi Killer. 4 Potential Without Direction. 5 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Specifications. 6 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Video.

What kind of spoiler does a Boss 429 have?

In fact, the Boss 429’s air scoop is still the largest used on any production Mustang to date. Also of note was the Boss 429’s matte-black integrated chin spoiler. This spoiler was designed to reduce aerodynamic drag acting upon the car at a high rate of speed.

What’s the price of a 1969 Ford Boss 302?

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What was the NASCAR homologation rule for the Boss 429?

The answer was to build a new engine that could compete, and work began on the Boss 429. The engine would have never made it into production vehicles, but NASCAR’s homologation rules required a minimum of 500 cars be equipped with the engine and sold to the general public for it to be used.