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What is a FedRooms rate?

What is a FedRooms rate?

FedRooms provides Federal Travel Regulation (FTR)-compliant hotel accommodations at or below per diem with standardized amenities for federal government travelers while on official business. Rates at or below per diem. …

Is FedRooms legitimate?

Yes. FedRooms® is the General Services Administration (GSA) program and several others, including at least two Services (Army & Navy have eligible commercial lodging programs). FedRooms®, formerly known as The Federal Premier Lodging Program, is GSA’s Gov’t-wide lodging program and is FEMA compliant for safety issues.

Can I use my government ID for hotel?

You can book it online, but you’re expected to present your government ID at check-in. Folks say some hotels don’t ask for your ID, which means it’s possible for anyone to book a government rate.

Can government contractors get government hotel rates?

For example, Holiday Inn and InterContinental Hotels allow government contractors to use the hotels’ government rates, while Marriott’s website states that contractor employees are not eligible to use government hotel rates.

Who can use FedRooms?

FedRooms is the official U.S. government hotel program As the only government-wide hotel program that can be used by all federal and military travelers on official business, we’ve been able to save Federal agencies over $24.2 million in 2019 alone — all while consistently providing a better night’s stay for less.

Do federal employees get discounts on hotels?

Most of the major hotel chains offer substantial discounts for federal employees, often lower than AAA or AARP rates. Workers can even access most of these discounts from the big online booking sites by selecting Government Rate from the list of special rates available.

Does Marriott check government ID?

Your active-duty government or military Identification is required at Check-In. To confirm eligibility for a Government Rate, please check ‘Rate Details’ for your desired Hotel at time of booking.

How much is per diem per day?

If the employee travels within the Continental United States (CONUS), the General Services Administration (GSA) provides rates for different localities. The standard per diem rate for 2020 is $151 per day, which includes $96 for lodging and $55 for meals and incidental expenses.

Can a government employee ride with a contractor?

Contractor may be a passenger in GOV – If no appearance of favoritism • Government employees generally may not ride in contractor vehicles!

Who is FedRooms?

Do federal employees get a discount at national parks?

La Quinta Inns and Suites: Offers substantial lodging discounts to federal employees, military members and retirees, one reader says. National Parks: Active-duty military service members and their families can visit national parks and wildlife refuges for free, under a new program.

How to get help with the fedrooms program?

No additional fees (e.g. resort, booking, urban destination, etc.) FedRooms is an easier way to a better stay! Contact the Help Desk at 800-226-1741 for assistance. FedRooms rate code of XVU, which must be reserved to get the program’s rates and benefits.

Where can I find the fedrooms hotel rate?

Look for the FedRooms rate—available through your authorized online booking tool, TMC or It’s that simple. FedRooms is the only government-wide government sponsored hotel program that gives you the value, choice, amenities and loyalty points you want.

What does fedrooms stand for in travel category?

FedRooms provides Federal Travel Regulation (FTR)-compliant hotel rooms for federal government travelers while on official business. FedRooms is a designated Best In Class (BIC) solution per the Office of Management and Budget.

Which is the best site to book fedrooms?

Rest assured, you booked the best rate. There’s a reason why thousands of travelers book FedRooms every day.